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  1. Thanks i wish could update bt again i cant pay that much i do love this game so anyways i will try your tips this might work 25 days for me
  2. Hey mate where can i find the cache size?
  3. Hey there, I got a question regarding Bandwitch usage..My internet plan is that i get 10 gb of 2 mbps data per month and then it reduces to 512kbps (Unlimited) Which makes life tough..I started this game 6 days ago and played it almost day night i am super-addict to this game now. I lost 5 Gb data usage in 8 days including a bit of browsing, not much though. However i renewed the data now i got another 10 gb data to play with any suggestions how much i should play per day..i want to make a time table for it so i dont have to play with 512kbps..Also if there are any settings in the game which i
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