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  1. I have been having a lot of trouble getting my firestorm to log in today and its much slower than normal or freezing on log in I can't tell if sl is just busier today, if there's some glitch or if the problem is the firestorm viewer. Does anyone who uses Firestorm have a suggestion or anyone else having log in issues on any viewer lately. I'm trying to figure out the problem but without some input on log in issues I can't tell where I should even be looking for a solution to this. Any and all advice is appreciated and will be taken into consideration to help me solve this annoying issue. *
  2. I only have GIMP can I still design clothes in sl? Or is that not possible?
  3. Does someone using winamp in sl require anything else besides a collection of MP3, I-tunes & to pay for a stream? I am interested in Dj so I'd like the full specifics if anyone knows them. I have a love of music & a wide collection of pop eclectic, alt rock, celtic, punk, & experimental. I think most of it is pretty popular styles & bands & the ones that aren't definitely could interest some people who want to get to know some lesser know indie bands. My interest is not making much money, just enough to pay the stream plus a few more lindens to pay other expenses in sl, lik
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