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  1. Hi, Can anyone here tell me how i can move,spin and lift animated things like kitchen,couch..... Everytime i select to move i have to take it with the hand but then comes always the menu op from the animation.....and i can't move it then.....thx,kieper11
  2. Hi, ok,thx to all for the answers here....It seems that my name was not on their webpage but too make sure i touched the garlic necklace while wearing it.... I thought i also must drink that Wormwood poison but it seems not if i see these reactions...
  3. Hi,it seems i'm bitten by a vampire...i did get a reaquest when i was exploring a world in SL.I clicked yes but that was wrong from my side.....how can i get rid of the bite and i only have 150 linden so far...It was a request with Bloodlines in it...thx for any help
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