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  1. I don't know, how do I check? Edited; Figured out the problem. The person in who wouldn't move stucka couch in thee that's 22 prims, while the dog and bowl are 15. I can't give him back the couch though and he's apparently AFK.
  2. The Landlord is also not online.
  3. Argghhh, tis is driving me to insanity. I just rented a Condo, with 30 prims on it. I've got a German Shepherd that I need to live here but here's what I get every time: Can't rez object 'BB GS' at { 31.9027, 117.657, 114.446 } on parcel '*Condos - Rent Apartment - Skybox' in region **** because the parcel is too full. Mind you all I put in this Condo was a food bowl for him. And yes, the group IS activated. This is seriosuly frustrating. Also, this person won't GET OUT, which makes it all the more annoying.
  4. Actually, I've decided I want a Dazzle bat.
  5. Wanted forum? Not sure if I saw that.
  6. I'm new, and I'd like to commission an avatar. (I hope this is the right forum?) I am hoping not to pay more than 1,300, but if it is well made I can easily consider. This avatar is a furry. I don't have a ref currently. Gender: Female Species: Wolf Color: Tannish-brown, kind of like coffee ice cream. Markings: Tips of ears, up to knees and elbows, tip of tail, and muzzle is black, white underbelly which is under the black markings Shape: Slightly chubby, and very slightly muscular Ears: Large and long, inner is blue with fluff coming out Nose: Blue, slightly large and dog shaped. Neck/Head: N
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