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  1. But now you only have to find an idiot that would pay the fines
  2. Thanks, kinda puts me out of the doubt I have about the UV map, now, I must learn to use it properly with hexagon
  3. 4608 mt parcel for sale on Mainland. Get the most out of your $25 tier. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Yoho/40/53/111
  4. I'm using Hexagon 2.5 and I've gotten okay at making basic items and stuff, for instance I made a pair of boots, gloves and pants however I can't figure out something, let's say I want my gloves to have specific details at specific locations on them on the texture, how do I make a texture map for it so I can draw on using Photoshop, so I can place whatever details I want at whatever location on the gloves ? ((Sorry if I'm kinda confusing, speaks french))
  5. I bought 3 items from the Marketplace and only received 1 in game, what do ?
  6. OK guys before you tell me to use the search I've done everything other people said, clear the cache, reinstall, update drivers etc etc. The thing is, SL worked fine today on this laptop, but all the textures were purple so I updated my graphic driver and after updating adn restarting PC the viewer started crashing after ''initializying VPS'' thing. I uninstalled, deleted both cache in Local and Roaming, reinstalled multiple time and it still crashes. I really don't know what to do at this point :S Also rolling back drivers from Device Manager is not working, the option is not englighed :S
  7. I'm looking for a builder interested in boxing my club to give it a Nigh time ambiance, I'll pay generously Please IM me in game ''Alien Carnell''
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