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  1. Yeah I suppose. But like when you go to the same place and there is that one person who has to be disgusting looking, I'd just like something to allow me to make them invisible.
  2. I use Viewer 3 so I don't know if that is an option. But thanks for trying.
  3. Ok, so I know how to block someone, but yet I can still see that person I blocked. Used to be, when you blocked someone they would be invisible to you. What am I doing wrong? Can anyone assist. Thanks.
  4. OK well I did something that worked for a different problem before and did this. Went into my hard drive, and found the App\Roaming\Secondlife folder Deleted the entire folder then restarted Second Life. Everything showed up fine.
  5. Well I tried it out and well on my alt I can see him fine. But on the account I can't see him at all. This is so weird and bizarre.
  6. Interesting I have a few alts I may try with one, will try and see.
  7. Ok so I have had a mesh avatar for awhile now, had the shape, skin, mesh avatar object, alpha layer etc. Everything was cool for awhile. Then sometime last night, something happened, don't know what. Some yellow things that look like triangles appeared around it, and my avatar went invisible, only thing I can see is the eyes and hair (which is not mesh since I have a full body mesh avatar). Tried contacting the people who make this avatar but they are no help, talked to some other people who also seem to be having an issue with no luck, so I wonder if anyone on this forum might have an ide
  8. As funny as this is, I can believe it when you say you rake in so much money. There are a lot of guys that are willing to pay for stuff like this, and hey if you're really good at it then why not? I personally wouldn't do it, but this isn't targeted towards guys like me. So good for you, and keep at it, you've found a way to unlock the code that so many people fail at unlocking.
  9. ugh now it's saying i don't have the right to rez objects even though i am set as the owner. must have made a mistake screwing around in land. any help with this NEW problem? lol
  10. never mind i returned everything sorry for wasting space.
  11. I was rezzing an object and was adjusting the height and the thing went under on me. I have a premium membership, have the house but it's on the land you get through the premium membership. It doesn't appear in my inventory as its under my house but I can't figure out how to get at it and would appreciate any help in this matter.
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