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  1. I never tried playing trying to download and i dont know whats happening.
  2. I don't have any friends can you do add me please? I really want to be in on this site.
  3. Try to look at amazon or eBay there are a lot that shoes for sure.
  4. I was also curious how to make this one also can anyone provide me complete details?
  5. Trying this things too will im not really a savvy but i will try it again
  6. Perfectly awesome but i cannot helped you guys out.
  7. Wow all of them are stunning how i wish i can make it also...I just dont know how
  8. You sew that one using your hand the more it takes time the more beautiful the outcome.
  9. There are a lot of them nowadays but they should always remember that inorder for them to be respected they should put there self in a respectful way. No matter and who you are just go with dignity and respect everything goes well.
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