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  1. Are there any tutorials for using Corel Photo-Paint to create skins for Second Life avatars?
  2. I checked with a college friend who also has an Alienware laptop with the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 graphics card. She can play Second Life with graphics set to "ultra high" with 8X anti aliasing and she is still able to get frame rates well above 30 fps in almost all areas of SL. Lighting and shadows works fine on her system too. You may need a newer version of drivers as your graphics card is supposed to be able to handle OpenGL 4.2 while your screen cap shows an earlier version of the OpenGL which usually indicates older graphic drivers.
  3. I want to play Second Life at the high graphics setting with texture and lighting, atmospheric effects and the works. As a college student, I also need a laptop to take to different classes around campus. I am only choosing between these three laptops as I can get a student discount on them, which one do you think will work best and why? CHOICE #1 Sony 15" laptop CPU: AMD A8-3520M (1.6 Ghz, quad core) GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6620g RAM: 6 GB Resolution: 1366 * 768 ||| CHOICE #2 Lenovo 15" laptop CPU: Intel Core i3-2310m (2.1 Ghz, dual core) GPU: nVidia GeForce GT 520m RAM: 4 GB Resolution: 1366 * 768 ||| Dell 15" laptop CPU: Intel Core i3-2330m (2.2 Ghz, dual core) GPU: Intel HD Graphics 3000 RAM: 3 GB Resolution: 1366 * 768 I have a fast fibre optic network to use from the school computer lab or dormitories so internet speed is not an issue. Which of these three computers will have faster and better looking graphics?
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