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  1. I read down under technical forums or general discussion somewhere that there is an incompatibility issue with some video cards and the newest sl viewer. I think your AMD may be one of them . Check out the sl viewer comments in the above mentioned threads.
  2. Same issue here. I have both CC and Paypal . Had to cancel my CC recently due to fraud. That's my default pay method, so I entered a new CC and tried to remove the old one. No dice. It still defaults to the old CC number. I have Paypal, so I used that for MP purchases until Paypal suddenly wouldn't take my password and kept coming up with an error message. I tried clicking the link on the purchase order page to see "other options" but the link doesn't take me anywhere. Anybody have other suggestions?
  3. Are you trying to run the latest SL 3.2.8 version? When I upgraded to that viewer, I has login issues and if I got logged. in, I could not get anything to rez and had to log back out or I crashed. It was worse if I had voice chat enabled. So I wiped it off my laptop entirely. Then I installed a fairly old version of phoenix viewer (available in the release notes section of the phoenix wiki). I ran that version and it was ok, except mesh objects did not display correctly. So I wiped that one off and installed the version of Phoenix which includes mesh display and it all runs fine. I've read on here, and I saw it firsthand myself that the newest SL viewer totally eats up the CPU. That may be part of the problem, but there seems to be a real issue enabling the voice chat in the new SL viewer, at least for me. So I recommend you try what I did. Also I found the ZEN viewer works well and takes up a lot less of your resources, just doesn't have as many bells and whistles as the SL or Phoenix viewer. Hope this helps.
  4. Yeah, I tried the 3.2.8 version and basically saw nothing but gray. It was eating up my CPU. I waited minutes and nothing ever rezzed in color. Just gray silhouettes. Also my voice chat was totally borked. Could not click on "enable voice chat" without slowing down to a crawl and then crashing. It was like back when I was using a laptop with shared graphics card. I tried Firestorm again afterward, and that was the same thing. So I wiped SL 3.2.8 off, then installed Zen viewer which worked. Afterward I installed Phoenix because I could not see mesh prims the way they were supposed to appear. After I installed Phoenix I was able to see the mesh objects again and everything rezzed. The only thing I can't figure out still is how to get the voice chat to work. It worked fine before I installed SL 3.2.8. I think something is messed up in the new SL viewer that effects the other viewers as well.
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