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  1. Weclone back! The Ls moved everyting around once you left. Mind the wet spot.
  2. Were you a 7722 before? And weclone back!
  3. Object area search? Then again, some of us like it underground. Hope you found it.
  4. Mind the slippery floor, someone just waxed it.
  5. And some are no one at all. And you're no body Til some body Loves you.
  6. All depends on how you look naked, I say. Got it, flaunt it. Don't like it, don't look. My SL,.too. Back to it now. Out.
  7. What a beautifully thought out response. Truly. Worthy of the best of SL. The 'mute and ban' faction here, however, never was or will be. Keep your negativity out of SL, please. Be more like this person, and show some kindness. Thanks for.your post, Tari.
  8. And this is why the forums died. 3 people talking to themselves endlessly. Alone in the dark. Go towards the light. Over. Out.
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