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  1. good ariel ...i can conctact u in world?or maybe if u cant be on,me neither now,u can send me a lm or nc.i m interesting
  2. so probably is cheapest to rent a land,instead to buy it,though rented land can hold less prims
  3. it is possible for a 8000 m ill have to pay 40usd fee mounthly?it is a llittle expensive
  4. ty dilbert,i didnt see ur answer
  5. ty irene.but these rules applyed also for auction land?in the detail of the land there are no annotation for a mounthly or weekly fee.
  6. and the fee varies according to what criterion?if i have a 5000mq land,how much mounthly i ll have to pay? i want have a land,n I'm undecided whether to buy or rent,also why i dont have still premium account.so what u suggest to me
  7. i would to know if after buyng land at land auction, i ll have to pay a weekley fee, or untill i keep the premium account i ll keep my land wout payng other weekley or mountley fee.and also i would to know if i ave to pay for editng terrain sry form my english,n thanking for ur attention
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