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  1. Hi! I know this is a bit of an older post but I wanted to comment seeing as it's the first thing that comes up on Google for this issue :). So long story short YES you absolutely can do couples poses with Avastar in Blender. Here is how you would add armatures. 1. Open up your Avastar Animation Template. 2. Go into another layer (This is just my preference, honestly, you could more than likely do this right in the same layer if you'd like). 3. Move to Object Mode. 4. Select 'Add' in the 3D view window header (It's two buttons left of the interaction mode button). 5. Select 'Avastar' and then the type of rig you would like to add (If you're going for a bento pose, use 'extended') That's it! You should see the other armature at this point! As for the 'perfect pose' nope, it won't be perfect haha. Unfortunately, with how different everyone's avatars are shaped you can't really get a 'perfect' pose. With couple poses I would suggest going into the SL Beta testing grid so that you can upload and tweak as needed without wasting your $L. I hope this helps :)!
  2. Northcrest High School is Currently Hiring ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Northcrest High School was established in 2016 and excels in providing its' students with the most realistic and captivating roleplay Second Life can offer. Located within the beautiful Orchard Heights community, Northcrest offers not only fantastic roleplay but a suburban environment full of external opportunities for its faculty and students. Being a resident of Orchard Heights is not a requirement to be a part of our family! With the school currently being built, we are looking for passionate and dedicated faculty and staff to join our team! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Teachers: As a teacher, you are the heart of Northcrest High School. Your primary role is to encourage learning and fun within the school. Your classes should be interactive, unique and exciting. Although we have certain openings listed. If you have an idea that does not match with the openings feel free to apply with your idea! Blogging Business Studies Computer Science Criminal Justice Home Economics Languages Math Photoshop/Photography Sciences Scripting Substitutes: As a substitute your primary role is to provide a friendly and fun environment in the place of a teacher should they be absent. As part-time faculty, you are on call whenever the school needs you. Think of yourself as the Batman of the school! All class materials will be given to you by the teacher of the class prior to your scheduled job. Staff: As a staff member, you are the backbone of the school. You provide the extra touch that completes the role play of the school. Your work supports students and other faculty members alike! Although we have certain openings if you have an idea that does not match with the openings feel free to apply with your idea! Cafeteria Staff Sports Coaches Librarian Janitors Campus Security ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ If interested in applying for Northcrest High School please visit our application. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Any questions can be sent to either the school owner Ebany Tigra-Ockley (ebany.gibbs) or school director Melody Dragovar-Romasz (melody.martian) in-world.
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