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  1. I abandoned my linden home last night, to get another at secondlife.com signed in. I tried over and over to get another but it still shows i live at the one i abandoned, I waited overnight to see if anything would change for the better I then called secondlife, they guided me to clear cache and relog but the same thing is happening. Can anyone help and can i have a link to filing a ticket, as i have not done so for some time. ty
  2. I was suddenly surprised whilst in game to find my camera angle had change from more of anormal view to pointing upward towards ceilings and sky. I have tried control, alt +9 to no avail I can't really do anything to change it and i don't know what i may have touched by mistake on my keyboard. Esc does only the same bring me out of view with camera above my head and only my name can be seen. I will be gratefull if anyone can help ty.
  3. Im currently using Phoenix, I have no idea what suddenly happen when was in game, the camera just focused towards the ceiling and sky. I have used control and 9 and nothing is work, please can anyone help
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