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  1. As someone who has a premium membership, I don't see how changing the groups is a good thing for the non premium people. I don't use all of the groups that I have now, let alone adding ten more. I don't understand how taking away seven groups but adding ten to the premium people makes much sense. I understand the price increase for premium, it's not awesome, but fine. I can accept it. However, maybe instead of taking groups and adding groups (Since that seems to be a huge deal for both parties) Perhaps changing the linden allotment? Instead of having it be 300 a week, maybe make it 500 a week? Or 750? Or something similar so that the groups don't need to be affected. Because the way I'm seeing this anyone who isn't premium is getting shafted group wise. There has got to be something different that can be done so that no one feels like they are getting a raw deal. A linden increase might make more people tempted because they might see the linden increase and be able to justify going premium. But don't take away groups from people. Also, some of us joined premium because we were told we were going to be getting an opportunity to change our last names. That was a year ago, is that something that is actually going to happen or no? I joined SL just shortly after you guys stopped doing last names. I think I missed it by months maybe. When I saw we would be able to change our names I was excited, I enjoy the "first" name I have, I just want a damn last name.
  2. Hi, I can see my self fine, but everyone else says I'm a cloud to them, I'm just curious as to how I can fix it. Please and Thank you very much. :D
  3. i bought lindens three days ago and now it wont let me buy any lindens with the same card that i used the last time. how do i get it to let me buy more lindens? and or, do i have to call someone to get it to go through?
  4. i was playing sl and donwloaded the new download for it and when i logged in, everything is a bright flourescent pink, and ive tried using 3 different viewers and still all i can see is pink. what happened?
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