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  1. gotcha, just a matter of being carefull i guess and making sure we get consent from people i suppose.. Thank you all for the fast replies though its helped greatly!
  2. *nods* Thank you that has cleared my questions alot more This would also be more regarding RP. For example.. say someone is god modding and the admins werent there to see it, the only way to actually have a background on the god mod is to see the log itself, in which case we do need to make sure this was done sort of thing.. thats where its confusing me a bit too
  3. Hey everyone im not sure im on the right group here but i had a question regarding sharing logs etc. The situation at the moment is that i co own a roleplay sim and as an admin can we log conversations with others and show it to our fellow admins to resolve issues? Can we state in our sim rules that logs will be shared for admin use only? I understand consent is needed to share logs between people however, those who usually tend to cause trouble would just say 'no you cant use my logs' when they are clearly needed. I have been finding the TOS a bit confusing and needed some help regarding t
  4. Hms, have tried logging in to another region but its giving me the same error. And still no luck in logging in today =/ Guess i'll have to wait a bit longer =) Thank you for the replies.
  5. I am new here and made a group for the future shop i plan to have in sl..but, i had no idea the characters could effect the login status this way >.< and i cant connect to sl, have sent a ticket to LL who stated they would reply within 24 hours.. and nothing. This was 2 days ago now or so. How can a big software like this have poor support? Anyway, i have been looking for a solution but nothing. If someone has any other idea please let me know, thank you =)
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