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  1. Hi, I need to build the things my self (which is done just need the code) and that's cool re the car. but I just need the code for the lights.
  2. First, I know nothing about coding or want/need it, it doesn't intreat me in the slightest either, but this is a Uni project, to make things in secondlife codes not needed for the things. what I've done so far is follow videos on Youtube or forum posts and made my own stuff, I found a video for working trafficlights which was done in 2008/9. Made the lights, the link for the code is now dead, so I was wondering if someone could do me a code for them please? also any good codes out there for A.I cars? I'm making a little city (buildings, cars. trafficlights, roads etc). so yeah, I'm looking for code for the traffic lights and any A.I for cars even if they just drive and reverse in a straight line? Thanks.
  3. Hey bud, yeah I know it can be done, I'm no coder though so maybe you could give me some more help or someone else could?
  4. Can any one give me a traffic light script please+ can cars drive them selves I.E drive forward then reverse? are my questions, I want to make something along the lines of a race track with trafic lights, I've got cars sorted, found a guide on youtube for trafficlights, but the scrips for the lights linked in the video from 09 is now dead. also any A.I car driving code at all? thanks.
  5. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Scripting-Library/Free-Full-Featured-Radio-Parcel-Music-Player-from-Bertone-Audio/td-p/394080 Ok guys, the above link leads to a radio. but I've got no idea how to properly impliment it, I.E where to but the URL's and theres a Syntax error on Line 38, 16 what ever that meains it's an 'else' I'm a newbie to coding and this is the first second life script I've done. The threads stuck as 'Read-only' that's why I made a new topic. Thank you,
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