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  1. Removed my post. See other posts with a simpler solution than mine. Sorry for the confusion.
  2. Perfect! That fixed it. I figured there must be some setting that was messed up, just no idea where to begin looking. Thank you! How to: In the Main Menu top left of screen select Me > Preferences > Graphics tab > Uncheck the box labeled "Advance Lighting Model"
  3. On the latest viewer I notice property lines now are not on surfaces, but float over objects. So I have property lines appearing on walls, ceilings, etc. Also when building the axis alignment lines no longer show a point of entry to the ground face, thus it is impossible to tell where the centerline of a prim is when positioning it. Best I can do is guess, place the prim, release it from edt, and hope it doesn't get taken if I accidentally got it placed over a property line. Is there a setting I can change to make the property lines paint onto the terrain face? Am I missing something? Than
  4. I hadn't checked on the 000 problem in a while, and was messing around yesterday and noticed I couldn't reproduce it. Tried in 3 different regions using a teleporter script that produced the problem in the past. Did a quick search of recent viewer and server release notes, but didn't see any references to llSetRegionPos (I admit I was lazy and didn't read each note.) Does anyone know if the 0,0,0 issue with llSetRegionPos has been fixed? Is anyone still having problems with 0,0,0 displaying when using llSetRegionPos? Oh, I should also say thanks to everyone who has helped me and provi
  5. Well, at least now I feel a little less stupid! Thank you!
  6. I'm having trouble getting messages created using llInstantMessage to go to my email. The messages are showing up in my email inbox, however the message text is empty. Ie; I get an email that says: The object 'Object' has sent you a message from Second Life: = Object is owned by LeafIllusion Resident The expected text from the llInstantMessage function in the script is not delivered in the email. If I run the script while I am logged in, the message does display as expected in my viewer. If another user IMs me when I am logged off I do get their complete messages through my email. I'
  7. That would totally explain it. I knew it must be something stupidly simple! But I couldn't find a single article that explains degrees in relation to compass directions. Only took you 10 words! Thank you!
  8. I am stumped by a behavior that doesn't seem logical to me, but I can't find anything that helps me figure it out after an hour or so of searching. I would think if what I was seeing was normal, something would be written someplace on it, so assume I'm doing something wrong... OK, humbly I submit my problem: I've made a simple script to make the avatar sit on an object facing north. My assumption is that using ZERO_ROTATION would achieve this. I realize that there is an issue with local vs. global rotation, so to assure that isn't an issue I'm also rotating the prim to ZERO_ROTATION (I as
  9. Fantastic script! Especially the v1.07. It eliminates the 0,0,0 issue and is fast. I did notice in my tests that to get the maximum speed the teleporter users need to have Disabled Camera Constraints on their viewers. That makes sense as it would need to move the camera beyond the 50m default viewer constraint for the distances I was testing. Nice work!!!
  10. Just an update to my comment on draw distance. In testing on an open full-region premium sandbox the draw distance seemed to have a major impact as I previously noted. However, when testing using the same script in a complex private region with lots of buildings with custom textures, I noticed very little performance improvement from changing the draw distance. Apparently the complexity of the surroundings has a great deal to do with this...
  11. Dora Gustafson wrote: I would like to know the result if someone does test it:) I tested it as written at Sandbox Verenda (entering destination coordinates that I know have created the 0,0,0 issue), and on 4 tests it worked beautifully each time... quick and smooth, no "0,0,0" issue. But it doesn't unseat the user from the prim or return the prim. The last section under "touch_end(integer num)" does not appear to execute. (Maybe it isn't supposed too? Am I expecting it to do something you didn't intend? I confess to just having my nose above water on this and most of your code compl
  12. I did a rather crude test this morning with a teleporter installed in a substantial private sim build that creates the 0,0,0 problem/issue. Using my main computer for my avatar and putting a alt on my laptop, I was able to watch the process as viewed by both the teleporting avatar and others not involved in the process. As the avatar sat on the teleporter at the origination, the alt saw the avatar attach to and sit on the teleporter. (This teleporter is part of a store directory sign, so the avatar appeared to be imbedded in the sign.) There was no consistencey at this point. Sometimes
  13. Another possible issue with llSetRegionPos: After the teleporter prim returns to it's original location it sometimes becomes invisible to the avatar who just used it to teleport. In other words, if you teleport then walk back to the original teleporter location the teleporter prim is not longer visisble. Sometimes it is just "alpha" and can be sat on although not visible. Other times it is not even clickable. It is visible and useable to other avatars, it is just the one that used it that can't see it. I have only been able to duplicate this in the Second Life Viewer 3.3.4 and not in t
  14. As with Qwalyphi, I've found inserting a 5 second delay averts the going to 0,0,0 problem, but of course, the cure is about as bad as the problem. In response to some of the other comments, the going to 0,0,0 issue almost never happens when making a vertical teleport. I can also easily go 1000m as long as it is vertical. With a few very specific exceptions, it only happens when moving horizontally across the sim for longer distances. For example I have 4 of these teleporters using this script in my SL home and all work well and extremely fast for the short hopes between rooms. I did
  15. Further testing indicates there is a strong relation to the draw distance set in the viewer's graphics options. With draw distance set at 300m the successful completion of a 200m teleport without stopping at 0,0,0 was over 80% of the attempts. So does this indicate the viewer is waiting for information to draw the new location? Is there any cure for this, or just a price to pay for a long teleport? Other odd things I noted in the 20 test runs using a simpler script than my earlier tests used. With the draw distance set at 100m, on about 1/3 of the teleports the avatar went to 0,0,0 before
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