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  1. For my shopping quirk I find that I completely ignore events and do my shopping exclusively on the Marketplace. I am also very structured when I buy items. On the first day of the month I will buy a hairstyle, a dress, and shoes and on the 15th, I will buy a top and a bottom. Then every Tuesday, when my stipend comes in I'll buy a furniture item. If I have leftover money I'll buy make-up and add-ons from my favourite mesh head store. My budget for everything is 300L; I rarely spend above that for each item. For my non-shopping quirk, I tend to time myself on Second Life with a separate ti
  2. Came back to Second Life after an extended hiatus, and bought some mainland and a skybox and am now in the process of decorating it. It is a little plain now because I'm waiting for weekly stipend to come in, and it'll probably never be completely finished.
  3. I use the SL Viewer. The last time I tried the Firestorm Viewer, I ended up lagging so badly that my chat was affected. But that was some time ago, and I didn't find the need to switch viewers because I quite enjoy using the SL viewer, and because it seems to have all I need to make my second life enjoyable. Though I would be significantly happier if I didn't crash once every hour...
  4. Both ways actually. My dressing tends to be more conserative in real life, so I tend to go for the more conservative outfits (or at least, as conserative as SL allows). However, some of the outfits I've seen in SL has given me inspiration for some of my real life outfits, while at the same time, I've bought items similar to the ones I own in real life. I found a very pretty pair of boots that remind me of those super cool boots I own in real life!
  5. For me, the main reason why I hang out at clubs is for the music and the society, and if the music is there but there's absolutely no chat in the club other than IMs, I tend to get bored and leave. Fortunately though, I have been to clubs where there is a healthy chatter going on, and those are the places that I tend to hang out at the most. I've made some pretty awesome friends at those places. As for gesture spam... yeah, I hate those as well. Especially those super long ones that make loud noises and huge gestures that take up the whole chat box, which seem to be pretty popular at certain
  6. I agree, amazing things have happened because of the word "Hi"! I normally use it in local chat when I'm in a new place, and sometimes, I do get replies. Sometimes, we even have conversations, about music and so on, especially when I hang out a music clubs. It's a miracle word, really; it can lead to great conversations and friendships. That's how I found my closest friends actually. At the same time, sometimes, when I do type a hi in local chat, I don't get a response. If there's a conversation going on, I'll join in, but if everyone is all silent, I tend to move on and find another place to
  7. I lost count of how many accounts I have, to be honest, but when I do create a new account, I stay with that account for a while, and it becomes my main. I end up letting all my other accounts collect dust, which isn't good because I have actually spent money on some of those avatars. But ah well, as long as I had fun on those avatars, I think it was money well spent. For my current account, I have two avatars; one for roleplaying, and one for socialising. Both are exactly the same, since when I change skins or hair, they tend to be account-wide, and since the one involved in roleplaying is a
  8. For me, it was when my local newspaper ran an article on two people meeting virtually, which then translated into a real life relationship, before they got married, and the programme that they used was Second Life. That intrigued me, because at that point I was bored, and the idea of virtual worlds sounded really interesting. It was something I had never really experienced before. So on that very day, I created an avatar and logged in, but at that time, I wasn't earning so my avatar ended up looking pretty ugly compared to the other avatars I found. I got into roleplay in Gor as a slave, but
  9. Personally, I don't accept friends requests from people I have yet to hold a conversation to. I just reject their requests; I don't even give a reason for doing so. I also reject friends requests from people who's first words to me are requests for sex. And once again, I also don't bother giving a reply. Other than that, I tend to accept all friend requests. There's really nothing wrong with adding more people to your list; who knows, they might end up being that best friend you've been looking for, or they might end up being jerks, which you can simply delete of your friends list and block t
  10. I have to admit, I stayed away for a few months because I ended up getting bored with Second Life, and I've only recently gotten back into it for a month. Now that I'm concentrating on dancing in clubs, socialising and shopping as opposed to roleplay and BDSM (activites I used to be heavily into) I find that I'm actually having a lot more fun than previous occasions. So yep, I'm pretty much in the love and addicted to Second Life catagory, because I'm less stressed currently.
  11. Well, I really like the new search function; it allows us to search for events that seem interesting enough. Plus, the destinations tab is pretty good as well; I like the chat hot spots the most, as those are the areas I've actually had the most fun. It's been so long ago, I cannot really remember what the search function in the previous viewers were like though. Some of the clothing shops are really cheap as well. It's perfectly feasible to buy an outfit that costs less than 200L, and there are some skins that cost that much as well, yet still look good. Though I have to admit, when it comes
  12. I'd say my avatar's persona is different from my real life personality. My avatar persona is outgoing, friendly and chatty and loves to socialise and attend dance parties whenever possible, whereas in real life, I'm a quiet person who loves to read, who barely leaves her home, and who thinks real life socialing is a huge chore because I always have to think of what to do or say to make sure I don't look stupid in front of other people. Yet at the same time, I do consider my avatar persona a part of myself as well. It's just an extention of myself in a virtual setting with less inhibitations t
  13. Thanks! Actually, I saw your post about the realistic avatar creation kit a few pages back and went to collect it. I have since made some changes to my avatar and now, she's about 1.68m with longer arms and bigger hands. So thanks a lot, you've really been very helpful. My avatar now looks a lot better!
  14. Personally, I used to shop exclusively at the Marketplace. I hated the rezzing time, and I found that the Marketplace was a much faster shopping experience. In addition, the Marketplace also allowed me to sort items by cost, something that I couldn't do inworld. I tend to shop on a limited budget, and inworld, the price range is hard to indicate, so I would end up wasting time teleporting into a store which was beyond my budget. However, ever since I got my new computer, the rezzing time has been reduced, though I still get a bit antsy while waiting. I've also found groups that allow me to be
  15. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one experiencing this. Ever since I cut my performance to low on my new computer, SL has been faster for me, as compared to my old computer. Unfortunately, ever since I updated to the latest SL viewer, I'm finding that things are a lot more slower. Textures are taking longer to rez, which is extremely annoying when I want to shop. I'm actually contemplating going back to the marketplace to shop instead of shopping inworld. But I have yet to experience rubberbanding though. And on the weekends, it's even slower!
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