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  1. we can meet up in world, i am Geirskokul Resident.
  2. the robot effect applies to both slaves and Masters as well. Most of them go "kneel girl, clicks his iron around her slender neck". Mastery is an art and so is slavery. one can not act like a Master unless he is is one. same for the slave. i mean good actors study their roles for years before acting out their part. so what makes one think he/she can be a Master or slave with a snap of a finger? this what gives us robotic rp's discontented Masters and frustrated slaves. and indeed Master, personally i can tell from the first 5 mins if someone can rule over me or not.....:catwink:
  3. Wearing the nls meter says that i am sick. is there somewhere i can read about how to cure myself? or to train to be an nls doctor? ty
  4. kneels with respect, thank you Master very well phrased!!!!!
  5. I am interested in the GRC, can you give me info where to find it in world? tyyyyyy :-)
  6. For God's sake, sl is an adult game and we chose to play it with all its ups and downs bad or good. I was bitten as a a noob so what?? I continue my sl life without any problems and someone else got my blood to continue his..... Big deal!!!!
  7. I bought my dreamland.........:catvery-happy:
  8. The Inlet of Green Cliffs (Heaven is the sim, you can find it on the map, or give me a shout) in Torvaldsland on the planet of Gor seeks to recruit all bonds thralls, Jarls, Mistresses, kur, etc...Everyone is welcome experienced or not. Meters used are Gm for fights and Nls for traded goods. Viking like environment for those not familiar with Gor. Feel free to visit us in world, our slaves will be thrilled to serve you in our Long Hall in any way you like. East Europe, english speaking sim :-)
  9. land/parcel/plot/ call it as you wish up to 1150 linden per week, terraform rights etc, will put 2 meters on NLS and LCS for gorean/adult rp thus adult rating. if anyone has something like that i would be interested tyyyyy.
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