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  1. UPDATE: The progeny vampire system has been in beta for just over 2 years. We must demand that LL make them make it public and not a "closed beta system "by invite only. Why is this important? Because they are manipulating the permission given by Linden Labs. It is to keep the system secret from the public so that can keep people from knowing they are being bit. They have not implemented an ask to bite way or a way to opt out of the system like they have told others they would. Why are they lying? It's rather obvious. They only reason they like this system is because it gives them power over others, this system is all about power. Please contact linden labs and have them look into it. This system violates our right not to be involved in something we don’t agree with or want to participate in. pass this along.
  2. Agree with you, we need an option other than being dead in thier system of not participating. like the galic necklace or being invited to the bite with yes/no option. My comparing it to a rapist still holds true, but i could of compared it to RL abuse of others, like bullies or molesters. The control of others is still there.Therefore it's Similar . it allows its players to CONTROL the other person's right to not play and or be involved! As for me having any gride against the creators of progeny. the anser is NO, i only wished they would of considered their system as a whole. That thier system can be abused with the empowerment it gives it users. I don't need a looking glass to know what is going on. I opened my eyes and with them open, i am seeing something lidens labs needs to get involved in and fix.
  3. you wrote" The OP may well have good intentions (didn't I also state this before), but slagging off any organisation, with or without proof, here on these forums, is against the Terms of Service." Proof or what? that they are biting without permisssion? its on their site. its in their documentaion.
  4. Nope it doesn't do that But what it does do is take away a persons freedom to opt out of the system. The Progeny system is grid wide. so anyone, anywhere can be made to be involved. It doesn't matter if a bite is passive or not. you should always have the right to opt out. and not logging into SL should not be an option. Linden Labs needs to step up and make them put safeguards in thier system to prevent abuse.
  5. Also, it’s hard to credit SL residents with sense if they are unaware of what is happening. Until I posted there was NO postings about the Progeny system.
  6. Anyone that has dealt with the intelligent types on forums (like you) knows that correcting spelling is a clear sign you have noting to say other than insults. Pointing out typos is just unnecessary and does not really make you look any smarter. But oh well, you can have your illusion.
  7. It is your right not to be involved, if you do not want to. Linden labs needs to do something about it. pass trhe word around and get toehrs to take notice. maybe then they wil make the creators or progeny fix thier system.
  8. My intent was to let others know this is going on and let them decide if they want to do anyting about it. No wonder ther ahs not been a post about the progeny system in the forums before. Whether you see what i am trying to say whether it bothers you I can do nothing about. this info is there. do something or not everyone has a choice, except those people unwillingly being involved in the progeny system......
  9. Only a ignoramus woudn't see the simularitys, that is of course you could be a progeny player so you would automaticly not see that taking people's freedom to not be invloved as ok......
  10. The progeny system gives power over others simular to the power a rapist has. wrong is wrong!
  11. Warning.....A new vampire system has been in testing for just over a year now, that many have no clue it’s going on. The Progeny creators have created a system where, (unlike Bloodlines) they can bite people without them knowing about it. In the latest days, this has caused problems to both players of this system and to those unaware that they have been victims. There is NO way other than you being killed to opt out of the playing of the game at this time. The Creators of Progeny think that taking people's "freedom of choice" away is ok and to involve everyone in their game play without our permission. Even if we find the idea of being bitten repulsive. They have justified it by stating, "if you didn't know you were bit, how would you know?" Now that they have become less secret about the system, it is easy to find out. Go get scanned by someone you know that is involved in the progeny system. Lets look at their own web page: They state, "They bite humans or each other and drink their blood to survive. They do not have to ask permission, there are no annoying bite requests as in other systems. Progeny vampires seduce their intended victims, take them private and attack (this is often far more pleasant than it sounds). " It is an absolute lie to justify their system. Most bites happen in crowded places, like clubs, parks, events and other RP sims. Even Bots are targets. If there is lag there, the person can become DEAD, as the biter can't stop the process in time. if you are dead within the system you are dead. The only way to become "revived" is for you to join the system. Again forcing you to be involved in a game of whom you were not asked to participate. The biting occurs at just over 2 meters from you. There is no animation to give it away that you are being a unwilling victim. Be aware of people standing close to you. It only takes a minute for you to become dead, but... it only takes seconds for them to get a small bite. As stated they DO NOT NEED TO ASK PERMISSION TO BITE YOU. It makes me wonder, as the vampire role-play is a mature genre as to how many under age members in SL have been bitten on PG Sims. I’d expect the progeny creators to deny such activities. If being involved unknowingly bothers you, as it should, you need to contact Linden Labs and DEMAND the creators of Progeny allow non-interested parties to opt out of being bitten. This would mean that a GARLIC necklace like that in Blood Lines be created that would stop random biting attacks, and/or have the HUD ask permission of the potential victim. Another failsafe should be added that NO ONE should be drained DEAD without a notification that they have a choice that this is going to happen! I see no mention of a progeny vampire RP system on the forums. It seems it has been keep from you, but they have been in beta for over a year. If you think it’s bad now, wait until Progeny is released to the general public. The Progeny system has the potential for abuse on a mass scale. It needs to be addressed NOW by Linden Labs!
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