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  1. Hi you can add me as a friend ! I have a kid avi but if you want to explore sl it is more fun with someone else. Megamegk
  2. I just started rping as a kid for family rps and am looking for friends. My avi is 4 or 5 and I'm still working in her (of course it never ends) anyone want to be little megs friend?
  3. My zooby baby prim disapeared from his crib while I ws at work.... I can't find him anywhere.... He's not in my lost and found, he's not in my objects, he's no where to be found in my appartment. I'm freaknig out i spent 3800 on him and I really don't want to lose him. what do I do someone please help.
  4. Is it weird I am reading the thread and being entertained but not exactly posting in it? lol!
  5. I'll try to contact you all and yay for march birthdays :3 I'm so happy i'm getting responses, a lot of people don't like new peoples lol
  6. I would love to hang out with you sometime. My name here is my name inside
  7. So, I'm new and still trying to learn I'd love to meet people I can hang out with in the world. I hate walking up to people and saying hi i feel like a newb! Anyone wanna hang and see if we click? Some facts about me: I'm a marine wife I stay at home all day I have 2 cats I love all animals I am 24 My birthday is in March I'm obsessing over star wars once again and am excited to see them in 3D! I love anime
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