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  1. Yay! After driving my family crazy by sitting at the computer for hours checking again and a again to see if the house was available, they threatened to pull the plug. I agreed to go to lunch at 5:29 pm if I could check just one more time.. and it was there! I got the house! whoo hoo. thanks for the advice from all and in the future some time i will learn how to make a house and i'll buy the land or whatever from the real estate agent who was clapping her hands about the shortage lol. but for now im going to leave the ranks of homeless and learn more about sl and building and decorating. Peace out! BTW how do i give kudos??
  2. wow thanks for all the answers! i didnt realize that the linden homes were a new addition and that before that people built their homes. maybe i will end up doing that since i am still homeless but i'd really rather spend the time doing interior decorating rather than sweating over design and prims and all that. plus, even if i make a great home it wont have the feel of being in harmony with other similar themes of community. i guess some of the houses might look empty and really be owned but usually the owned homes have a name (you have to name it as you buy it) and some of these homes are empty and without names. if they really are owned by people who havent been there in ages (like maybe a year?) maybe linden can contact them and give others a chance to occupy (yay the 99%) since it would still be paid for by the new owners. thanks peter for the compliment about my english but i dont really deserve it since im a chinese born in brooklyn new york lol. are there any other communities with an asian theme besides linden homes? i guess i better look at alternatives cause i don't like being a wandering ghost lol.
  3. seriously..there seems to be a problem at the joints like in the first post...look at her elbows also. is it caused by AOs or maybe new SL upgrades?
  4. as a noob, you dont really understand what notecards are. i thought they were like business cards in rl, telling us where to find the stores. and so i deleted a few from the same place. :matte-motes-crying: i save them now and even read most of them i think it would also be helpful if all the items came with photos...
  5. grandma said never take candy from strangers :smileysurprised:
  6. i'd love to read your blog, i've been thinking about doing an SL blog myself but dont know how or where.
  7. ohh you have jokes, lol. i KNEW someone would say that!
  8. mine arent that bad but i have noticed swelling there and around the ankles recently.
  9. some of them are guys and they admit it. but if humans can be vampires in sl i guess a guy can be a girl?
  10. what is a hybrid? i'm not familar with the game. btw someone told me that if you click the garlic and dont see it activate and click it a second time, the second click will make you a part of the game. does anyone know if that is true?
  11. about 4 hours ago i followed the instructions on how to change a premium home i didnt like, to get the home of my dreams in one of the japanese neighborhoods. i abandoned the land and went to register for my new home. i continue to see only three styles of home; excluding the japanese homes. i posted in the answers section and one of the responses explained that: There is a serious shortage of Linden Homes at the moment, I've even seen the page say 'sorry, sold out of LInden Homes'. At the moment, a few come and go, often within minutes or even seconds. Until Linden Lab releases additional homes, you will have to keep checking the page until a Japanese home appears. Then grab it. Alternatively, you can use your 512 sm tier allowance on a mainland parcel. You'll have to buy the land but it's cheap and your actual house will count against the 117 prims unlike a Linden Home. the video and ads give the impression that all homes are available, and that once you are a premium member you automatically get the home you choose. nothing about a 4 hour wait...maybe longer cause everyone cant keep checking in every few minutes. a lot of people had told me that premium was a waste but i liked it and one of the things i especialy liked was having a house and being able to dress somewhat in privacy (recently learned you should have a skyhouse to be private.) i like the style of the japanese house and even if it existed as a skyhouse it wouldnt have the surrounding neighborhood. if its not available or rarely available there should be a notice and maybe the video should have a clear disclaimer. the strange thing is that i have been to the japanese area recently anf there were many empty houses. i don't understand what is going on. is there any way for me not to be homeless; or not to be stuck with a house i find ugly? can the japanese linden home be bought and placed somewhere else? any advice? i'm asian and would like to have an asian house. :) xiexie! thank you! 谢谢  
  12. i am a premium member and abandoned the land so that i could get a japanese house. (im chinese but a japanese house will be fine). the instructions made it seem simple enough. but the hours are passing and the japanese houses are not showing up in the selections. i didnt know there would be a delay or the possibilty that we can't get a home in the area we want. the japanese area is full of empty homes no one lives in, so i don't understand the delay. i've tried to stay up and get this done before i sleep but its now 5:26 am. i didnt think i could end up premium and homeless...:(
  13. my friend just found that one of the rooms of her place has practically disappeared. all of the textures and items are gone. the landlord doesnt seem able to help. she's frantic, is there any advice?
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