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  1. I have just opened up the Role Play Centre (RPC) ....a place for ALL RP SIMS to advertise and show they are around...a One Stop place to see many RP SIMs. 4x4 posters are only 1L$ a week...I have done this before with the GRC (Gorean Recruitment Centre) and it works well in fact the GRC is now SLs largest centre for Gorean SIM / Group info .....SO....I was wondering if you would be interested in joining us here in the RPC. The RPC is SEPARATE from the GRC. the RPC is nothing to do with GOR The Poster Boards are set out in categories...The posters here give out LMs and NCs describing what the SIM is and the rules of play If you feel the available categories do not suit you, place an Ad under "anything else" and I will make a sign to suit your SIM...We listen to SIM/Group owners here and will do what we can to help get People to know about your SIMs. Come and have a look and see what has been done...Maybe look around the GRC next door to see what we are aiming to do Whats to loose for 1L$ a week? We also advertise RP objects..Vendors contact me DIRECTLY please via NC http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hunters%20VIII/129/64/38 Join "The RPC -SL RolePlay Centre" group and send notices and chat about SIMs, RP, People, Ideas Elphaba Scientist RPC Admin Role Play Centre
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