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  1. so i used a laptop to login it was connected via wifi and everything worked fine so possibly the problem is in my computer ill try to figure it out but if there is any suggestions that would be very kind
  2. Nothing worked isn't there some sort of scan i can run in the viewer like a crash log or something ? that way we'd know the cause of the crash or shutdown .
  3. Its been going on for a while now , wether its LL viewer or firestorm or phoenix everytime i click the log in button they either stop responding or simply close . I dont get a crash report or anything of the sort . I'm not sure what the issue is and i cant tell if my computer is the problem even tho second life used to actually work with no problems . Im using a core i3 2.95 ghz 32 bit operating system 2gb of ram and a 1gb nvidia geforce 9500 gt . i dont think its a graphics problem cuz i never had a problem running sl before . I tried every thing i can possibly think of : i cleard cashe ,updated viewer , uninstalled and reinstalled viewer , updated graphics adapter , turned off my firewall , hoocked my wireless internet through cable from my router and i still get the same problem . Any help would be much appreciated if i missed anything please inform me . thank you in advance .
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