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  1. I am Canadian. I use a Canadian CC. When I buy lindens, LL converts my purchase to US dollars before it reaches my CC. This is fine if I feel the conversion is a fair one. I would rather my CC company does the exchange from USD to CAD since LL's conversion rate is not representative of the current market or allow CC's to be charged in USD and let the CC companies make the conversion. LL needs to make the conversion rate is closer to the conversion of a CC that charges if it was charged in USD from the beginning or allow USD to be charged directly to the card. My last purchase, which my CC would have charged me a total of 1.32 percent to to convert USD to CAD (this is when the global market had it sitting at 1.295 percent), I was charge close to 1.42 percent by LL.
  2. I am reselling gacha items on MP. When I go to fill out the description of the item I am unable to move the radial button to "Mesh" or "Partial Mesh", it is stuck on "No Mesh". Anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this problem?
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