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  1. I bought the Gigabyte but the battery which is suppose to last all dat lasts 1.5 hours so I’m switching it for another. How can I tell if they sold me a computer that had been returned a few times and is old. I’m not very technical so please keep it simple. I may return it tomorrow or does SL eat battery time?
  2. Well thanks to everyone here I took the scariest plunge and bought the GigaByte laptop. It sure will be a total surprise to see the difference from my 2009 Dell Studio laptop with Vista. Once again... thank you all for all of your support and education . Thank you !!
  3. Ok..gonna pull the trigger..ahhhhh! See ya in SL Free Tarot Card readings fo all that helped.
  4. It has 8 GB video memory windows 10 Home 15.6 screen but this doesn’t have the Nividia? Im going to go insane... I should get 1060 or 1070 Nividia This is a Bezel(?) i 7 is ok 8 GB Video memory This has 16 CPU i hold no one responsible but me for saying go for it! I need psychiatric help....lol
  5. Thank Rolig. I think I’m going to go with this guy. I sure hope I’m doing the right thing for this price. Yikes!
  6. I’m thinking of this guy as my final choice. Would love opinions. Thank you all for helping. Im a bit nervous..of course.
  7. I’m trying to use a Dell from 12 years ago now with no graphics at all, celeron and vista..lol. Time for a new one. My needs are few. No lag..good graphics..nice sound...not overheating..ability to do beginner creating with Brewery classes. Need to have WORD on there for my book writing. That’s the long and short of it. Is NewEgg a reliable source?
  8. I am very lucky to know baby boomers and xers and millennials. We pass the baton to hopefully build a better future for everyone. The only bad thing about America is the younger generations don’t respect or take wisdom from the elders. It’s our major downfall. Each generation has so many new things to learn as they forge forward and they will make their mistakes as we did. You all are very funny and hopefully we can keep this thread super friendly. Now..which computer should I buy? All generations welcome to put their opinions on here.
  9. Ok..I just applied for the 12 months, O interest eggthingy card. Is this ok or should I go for the more expensive one or is the hp best? I try to build in SL and I hang out in my little space in a sim that has bad lag. I also write books. That’s it for this one. I don’t want to have to buy another compute if SL ups it requirements in the next 5 years. thank you!
  10. So would you go with the gigabyte one or the Hp? If so I’m going to get it. Im so bad with knowing what 8 to 16 CPU and 6 GB GPU actually means. Have to look that up. I’m guessing GPU is the graphics card and CPU is the speed at which it can handle the GPU. (?)
  11. I create some but SL is my escape for my job and my responsibilities into a nice quiet peaceful world. I like to learn as well. It’s my college without a price. I’m hoping to never have to buy another laptop again. I’m a baby boomer so this will be it for me. I don’t mind spending some extra because this laptop will be for writing my books and escaping to SL. I hate the lag that happens and being bumped off. There are so many brilliant computer people on here and I’d like to thank everyone thus far for helping me navigate through this maze of confusion. Life was so much easier in DOS. Lol. No seriously thank you all thus far. Thank you Rolig for taking your time to help.
  12. Gigabyte...I have to look that up. Someone told me this guy would be great for SL ???????
  13. I guess I’ll wait to purchase. I was ready to purchase it today.
  14. They said the highest GPU is 4 GB. That that is the highest Nvidia GTX can handle.
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