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  1. Yup - and honestly he's never been all THAT into sex (even before SL), and usually I had to bug him about it... and for the past month (about the duration of this affair) he basically stopped giving me any, sex OR affection :-/ I honestly do try. I'm more upset about his emotional betrayal, i guess, than about the cybering part. Except he does stuff with her that he won't even do with me.
  2. My SO has been playing SL for months, but I just found out a few days ago that he's "in a relationship" with someone, they say they "love" each other, and have been graphically cybering for some weeks now. They're even planning to meet in person at a SL event a few months from now, even though when I ask he insists he is going alone and only there for the event. Tell ya what, I'm **bleep**ing devastated. I'd known he was palling around with chicks prior to this, but he never let on what was really going on - the current one has only been going on for a bit over a month, and is the only one he's cybered with and talked on the phone and such... I'm afraid he's even planning to ditch our relationship
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