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  1. Hello, Myself and my Girlfriend have recently started playing second life again and are wondering why it is taking so long for our avi's to appear on our screen. After waiting for a couple of hours my avi fineally loaded but she has been waiting day and night for her own to load. I was wondering if you could tell me if there is anything we can do to fix this issue, Please know that both of our graphics have been set to the lowest possible settings and we have tried using other viewers, She is currently trying to load using Phoenix, We have tried the following viewers with the same results Firestorm, Phoenix., Imprudence and the defualt viewer. We both like being on Second Life and would like to continue playing, If you could help us it would be greatly appreciated. P.S If you need any more info just ask in a reply and I will provide you with whatever you need.
  2. Ok I just got my new desktop and it only has 3.00 GB of memory. I know to run SL you have to atleast have 8.00 GB of memory. My question is that I will not be able to upgrade my new desktop with what I need for quite sometime. I would like to know if I keep running SL with this much memory will it cause any damage to the computer or will it just make it run really really slow? thanks!
  3. Recently I have lost my laptop due to problems. So I started using "pocket metaverse" from the iPod app store since that is what I'm using now. But the app is all text based and I was wondering is there any website I could go to Or is there an accrual viewer I can download? I found sparkle IM but I guess it has been removed so if you know of any thief please then please reply with a link or some help thanks :)
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