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  1. ..:: Savuka - The Backstory ::.. ~In Flammam Quae Laudate~ Theres an old saying; Time is the Fire in Which we Burn. That from the beginning, we're set aflame at the tip of a wick that spans until we simply blink out of existence. Like a stick of dynamite, with no bang to signify our end, and no blaze of glory left behind us. Life is a mere representation of a flame, which flourishes with each passing moment. So, what would happen if that flame had no time to burn up? Welcome, to Savuka - where time is meaningless. A lone island, cast adrift on an ocean of non-linear existence, beyond the realm of the real world. However, that doesn't mean what happens here isn't real; believing that, could be potentially lethal. The islands' creation is a mystery, shrouded in dark, deadly secrets. Some say, a race of ancient humans with supernatural powers, forged the area, for their own private desires and doings. Others say its a slice of anti-time, smashed from the fabric of the time continuum at the moment of the big bang. Either of these theories could hold the key, or not. In the end, its origins aren't at the forefront of the inhabitants minds for long. Mainly due to the fact most have no choice in their arrival. Some claimed to have been taken in their sleep, others at the moment of death or a significant moment in their lives. Even portals, have said to been witnessed, alluring those whom are near to cross the threshold into the world beyond it, No one knows exactly how people get yanked from their time, only that to Savuka, it doesn't discriminate on 'when' they're taken from. You're most likely to meet a Knight from the Medieval era of earth sauntering through the village, who is actually a Vampire, or an assassin from the distant future hunched over the bar gaining intel, while making sure no one notices the fact he's a Minotaur in human form. The lifeforce within the soil seems to take great pleasure in keeping its population full of variety. Though despite the differences of eras, the enchanted island somehow keeps the playing field level for all. In Savuka, a slingshot loaded with a stone, is just as deadly as a handgun firing a nine millimeter in-cased bullet - you're more likely to crack your skull open tripping over a rock, than actually getting shot in the head. If you're lucky, that is. This supernatural power extends to the buildings, cottages, and structures as well. Where there might be damage one day, over time, the island repairs itself, when you're not looking; some have reported it even happening within seconds of the incident occurring, others, within hours. Though not many notice this, the moment they find themselves thrown onto the grassy shores. You could probably mistake it for a peaceful park, or -------------------------------- ~ Races: *Human - Mortalis The natives of earth, the infestation of mother-nature, the ignorant children learning everyday. Despite their downfalls, these non-magic, non-supernatural people have lived through many a hardship in their time. Only the fittest, and the strongest survive on these shores. Humans are, well, you should know. This is self-explanatory. [Avatar Appearance is also self-explanatory. No pointed ears, tails, etc etc.] *Angel - Angelus From above, or below? Angels in Savuka don't necessarily originate from religious backgrounds. You'll find some from their own breeds of beings, whom look at Christ as a mere child with an ant farm within his hands. These creatures are deadly, lethal, and bring with them the power to cause devastating harm, as well as incredible hope and kindness. Tread carefully, for when theres wings about, for you can never know if they're friend or foe, good or evil. [Wings are optional (As are their colours), when it comes to avatar appearance, so are Halo's. As it's completely logical that some may choose to hide their true nature, or simply for convenience. Pointed ears are fine, as long as they're not extremely pointy. Glowing eyes, appendages. No Horn's though, nuh uh.] *Demon - Daemon Like their cousins, the Angels, the Demons of Savuka aren't all evil. Some follow morals of their own, despite the usual stereotypical opinions created by those purely evil. However, even so, these beings of the dark side of the spectrum aren't a force to be meddled with. Even though some might have your back, others are just as willing to slip a knife into it with a gleeful, almost orgasmic expression on their face. Whatever their cause or goals, they're the Demons of the island. [Demon Avatars are allowed, as long as they're not over-sized, beyond what seems legit. They're also allowed human forms, in which they can hide their true nature from people ICly if they so wish. However, while in Their Demon form, well.. then obviously people will know they're a Demon.] *Mystic - Veneficus Humans with the innate ability to wield the elements of nature, and beyond. For hundreds of years, these select few were shunned, and murdered simply because they were different from everyone else. Here in Savuka, you're more likely to get killed for looking at someone the wrong way, so its safe to say Mystic's fit in fine with everyone. Though thats not to say that some of these powerful Witches, or Warlocks don't have their own agenda's; they do. To them knowledge and more knowledge of magic, is their greatest drive, and their greatest weakness. [Mystics appearance is basically identical to humans, however they usually sport softly glowing eyes, and more exotic clothes, staffs, wands and the like.] *Elf (Including Drow's) - Exilis The first thing you'll notice, when you meet an Elf, is that they're slender creatures with huge personalties. Though, not all of them are shorter than the average human - some, are even taller. Given away by their usually pointed, long ears, these little suckers pack a punch much, much larger than you might think, or assume. Usually passive, you'll run into a Drow and change your mind instantly. They can be just as evil, and deadly as any Demon. But lets not forget about those ones whom would rather skip along, and enjoy the sunlight while they shoot blasts of tickling magic at passers by. When it comes to the Elven population of Savuka, you're bound to be in for a rude shock. [When an Elf, you're not restricted to being short, or to having huge shoes and pointed hats. But Pointed ears are a must, even if they're slightly pointy. They are magical, but their powers tend to revolve around nature, and not so much Fire, or Lightning etc etc. And Yes, Drows are included under the 'Elf' race. Remember, no Child AV's.] *Pixie - Pixsalia You'd think that they'd be more acclimatised to another plane of existence, seeing as they themselves from from one, but no, the Pixies of Savuka are just as bewildered as everyone else, when they arrive. These tiny, almost figurine-like creatures, are full of mischief and playfulness, as well as malice and lust. Much like their close relatives, the Elves, they aren't all so tiny, and most prefer to use their supernatural powers to change into a more normal sized form. With those powers, comes the ability to converse with wildlife, and an urge to live more naturally than others would ever dream. So, don't be too surprised if a Pixie turns up barely clothed, riding some Squirrel as a mode of transport from her spider-hole house. [Petite Pixie avatars are allowed, and encouraged; however so are normal sized ones. However, regardless, if you're a Pixie, and intend on engaging in Meter-Combat, you MUST shift into your Normal sized form; not your petite. This isn't negotiable.] *Lycan - Lupus During the average, clear night on the Island of Savuka, the moon is like a gigantic silver dollar, shining in the sky. So its safe to say where the moon is, the Lycans follow. These giant, fluffy beasts of canine origin are deadly, horny, and usually always hungry. In keeping with most of the other races though, the wolves also have their own little Savukian Trait - The moon doesn't force them to shift. Sure, fullmoon will effect every puppy over the entire island, but its more like an itch right in the one spot they cant scratch at. Most are able to weather through it for the single night a month, other more, younger Lycans can't; and give into the urge to morph, so they can hunt. While in Human form, their eyes are usually gold, though can be any colour. But either way, they're no force you wanna piss off - Especially if you mention anything todo with their enemy, the Vampires. Thats not to say, that some don't think of the leeches as enemies though... [When it comes to Feral AV's, for when you shift - Please keep to using the 1st Act Avatars, or ones that are NOT cartoonish. No typical furry AV's whatsoever. Yes, four-legged ferals are also allowed. When in Human form, NO tails, NO Ears, and NO Claws. You can, however, roleplay Morphing limbs or whatnot, when needed. But not permanently unless due to a magic spell or enchantment (Only Temporary though).] *Vampires - Succo The Polar opposites to the Lycans, well, most of them are. The undead, non-breathing, red-eyes of Savuka aren't at all effect by the sun. Thus, they're able to walk about at any time they please, with no side-effects. It gives them an edge that not all Vampires get to enjoy so freely; and more advantage. Dangerous, seductive, and incredibly cunning, even the bloodsuckers couldn't escape the island indiscriminate pull. Here, they thrive, like the rest, feeding on those that they can, or the blood-dolls they've convinced to submit to them. It's wise to consider everything very carefully, when in the presence of fang'd creatures, for you can never quite tell if they're messing with your head, or not. Despite most of them still staying true to their ancient traditions; not all Vampires hate Lycans. [Usually with pale skins, you're not restricted to them though. Even a tanned Avatar can be a Vampire, so don't fret. Yes, they have mental powers, however, use only with the OOC consent of the other player you intend on effecting, otherwise things tend to get out of hand. And of course, yes, Fangs can be hidden/fold away.] *Minotaur - Minotaurus Imposing, intimidating, and extremely burly, Minotaur's are certainly unique. Generally assumed to be owners of small brains, the Bulls' of Savuka are not. Their intelligence rivals, and sometimes even succeeds most species, leaving em' to be a powerful ally, an iron fist, and a creature you don't want to ever get on the bad side of. Minotaur's tower above all others with their amazing height, and withstand even the most hard-hitting blasts of spells, or magic, with their hardy, unmatched physical strength/durability. While they don't have any supernatural powers of their own, they're also resistant to most. Many believe this is due to their origins, that they were once the guardians of the gates of hell; residing in a land not in the realm of death, yet not in the realm of the living either. This leaves much mystery to the scantly clad creatures, whom thump around the island. Whether it be in their true, Bull form which they rather, or in human form. But no matter which they're in, their strength can turn the human skull, into tissue paper. [It's encouraged that if you're going to be in your Minotaur form, that you wear the 'DAENOTAUR' avatar, by Niramyth. Though any that isn't cartoonish, or of low quality, will work just fine. Yes, these creatures tend to be nude, though clothes can be worn if you'd rather. In the end, you don't require an actual Minotaur AV, to play one.] *Fae - Medeis Beings as light as feathers, whom rarely let their feet touch the ground - The Fae of Savuka too, have had to get used to the island as a home. From thin, delicate wings, to pointed ears and magic that could put companies in the real world out of business, these slender, nimble people are just like most others who inhabit the shores. Their goals? Unknown, unpredictable, and secretive. Rarely do they trust mortals, or even their cousins, the Pixies; but here, they're learning that they will have to, if they want to survive. Evil or Good? Who knows. [Fae are basically fairies - So its really self-explanatory. However, no child-sized Avatars. Wings dont have to be worn at all times] *Merfolk - Nereios The Knights of the ocean. The Beautiful, the sleek, the majestic beings of the unexplored depths of earths' seven seas. With an incredible life-force raging within each one, these creatures inhabit the area of ocean around Savuka, just before the darkness. Given the right amount of skill, age, and power, Merfolk are able to morph into landwalkers. Thus, giving them the ability to involve themselves within the culture, and mingle with other species. However, while in this human form, their powers are weakened, and physical contact with water can break their concentration. If that happens, they'll revert to their normal form, and without water, can quickly perish. Make no mistake, Merfolk are supernatural, and while on land, or sea, can devastate with their Aqua abilities. [Mermaid/Mermen avatars are encouraged, however you don't need to own one if you wish to play the Merfolk. While in human form, it is common for them to have more unnatural colours of hair, like bright blues, purples, pinks, greens - think fluorescent hues. Do try to roleplay shifting back into their usual form regularly; as they can't stay landwalkers forever.] *Dragon - Draco Breathtaking, and stoic, the Dragons' of Savuka don't disappoint when it comes to prancing about as awesome beings. From their lethal Pyro-centered powers, to their loyal, distinctly noble behavior, you're sure to never know whether or not they're going to roast your head on your shoulders, or defend you in battle. Though they rarely take to morphing into their humanoid-Dragon form, they're just as deadly in their human one - their superior strength, almost as much as a Minotaurs', or Lycans'. But regardless, their innately honed ability to wield fire, never falters. They say, if you see a tattoo of a Dragons' head on a human, they might just be one... [Players are encouraged to only use high quality Dragon avatars, that are ONLY Anthropomorphic - NO Giant/Large/four- legged Dragons WHATSOEVER. Sorry, but the sim isn't big enough for all of you to walk around like that. Lets keep it real alright? While in human form, glowing eyes, are allowed, along with pointed ears.] *Shape Shifter - Multiplex Like all places, there's one species that isn't exactly able to be pinned down to being one or the other. It's a Grey area, of sorts. Here in Savuka, such also exists - The Shape Shifters. These beings are unique, original, and usually one of a kind. However, like all creatures, procreation is enjoyable, and so, sometimes you'll run into a couple of the same sort. From being a Human, whom can also turn into an animal at will, or a Vampire, who is also a Lycan at the same time, you're bound to find these people more than interesting. Some are ex-science experiments, others simply had two different parents. In the end, their abilities are usually unknown. [There is limits to how far Shape Shifters go; so if chosen to play, please don't abuse the privlege of being able to mix two of your favorite races. This is supposed to be for fun, not for bragging rights. If you're a Vampire/Lycan mix, maybe sacrifice a power, or a heightened sense for cause of fair-play. And if you're not a Hybrid, and simply a Human/Animal character, feel free to add your own little quirks. But unless you're a Hybrid, no magic powers. And Regardless of race you choose to be as your Hybrid, or your Animal-Morph, all human forms aren't allowed to have tails or ears.] http://slurl.com/secondlife/Savuka/174/119/63 We invite you to come and be a part of this world we've created
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  3. -=Miasma City's Backstory=- ------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------ It is the year 3600 and just another day in Miasma City as the sounds of the city started to intensify, the daily hustle and bustle left a quiet hum that echoed through the city residents. A sound that was soothing to those who needed it, and a quiet reassurance to others that everything was still safe and sound. That is, until one small, usually dim, light began to flash on the control panel which rested deep within the core. The flickering light was a sign that something had gone awry with the reactor temperature. As the staff and engineers gathered to concur on a reason as to why the light was throbbing in such a way, a changing in the sky went completely unnoticed. Residents who knew not of the blinking alert within the core, simply watched as the clouds began to change form in the air around them, the land around them falling darker as a shift began to take place. A storm was on the rise, winds lashing through the buildings, engulfing the pipes and cables that hung from building to building. The gusts were so strong that the residents ran for cover. While planning their cover the residents didn't notice how the buildings began to shake under the mounting pressure from the storm. It wasn't until the temperature plummeted and the grounds beneath their feet trembled violently that they realized this wasn't just a sharp gust of a wind, but something more. The city began to crumble, the structures that couldn't withstand the forces, fell to the streets, as the clouds departed in welcome of a funnel cloud that aimed its wrath on the core of the city. The tunnel cloud touched down directly into the main city and destroyed all that was left standing. As the tornado ripped through the city it gained momentum as it closed in on the cities nuclear power plant. Crunching the plant under its force the toxic fall out flowed freely throughout the city seeping down into the underground and in the cracks in debris. When the dust and debris started to settle, and silence finally fell a large darkened figure could be seen from anywhere in the city. It appeared to have come down from the cloud and hovering just below the figure was a large opening in the ground. Standing silently he panned around the disheveled city, and then gracefully floated away from the chasm in the ground. Its features were blurred the aura around it made it perfectly clear the creature was no gift from above but a prince of the underworld. The intentions were not clear at first until more of its kind began to crawl upwards and spread like a disease throughout the city. Utter chaos and mayhem cried out. After that day the largest Demon was never seen again but many remained to be the bane of the existence to the few survivors. Those that were capable with the advanced technology thrived and amended their bodies with bionic parts to become the cybernetics. The Miasmic mists and toxic flow caused hideous mutations and Feline like creatures to those that chose to flee to the undergrounds. Of course for many thousands of years the lycans and vampires survived under the cloak of the dark and urban myths. This time could not be better to come to the forefront of humanity and thrive on the chaos reigning within the city The mystical creatures that were in hiding suddenly awoke, elves, witches, fairies and many more started making their presence known, some taking the form for a human while others not afraid to show what they truly are. There are also those who came into being due to the joining of two different species or unfavorable occurrences, they are called hybrids. There may be other unknown creatures lurking around but their discovery is yet to be known. In response to the demon population on the rise, the Angels were sent to the city to resume the natural balance of good and evil...which brings us to present day chaotic Miasma. ------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------ Need to know facts: ------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------ • Miasma City is set in the future, way past the year 3600, check the weekly newspaper for the current year and date so you don’t get confused about the timeline. • Miasma City isn’t the only city that exists, there are other cities around. Only the main story is happening here. • Even though Miasma City is set way in the future, you’ll find citizens dressing in urban, medieval or casual clothing. You’re free to wear what you like; there is no restriction in that department. • The city is technologically advanced so it’s possible to acquire various high tech gadgets, laptops, phones and other electronic goods. • The city is mostly self reliant but there are monthly shipments from other cities. ----------------- • There are various job opportunities. You can easily land a job in The XPD, The Hospital, The Pleasure Hole, The Filth Bar or the Chop Shop • There are various factions a citizen could join, the factions are more like a family and a citizen can join a faction plus have a job too. • There are various races, some common known races and other races that are yet to be discovered. ----------------- During the peaceful days of Miasma City, there were already various races that already lived amongst humans though in secrecy. After the disaster in the year 3600, all these said races began to come out in the open and live according to their true nature with the main goal of survival. In addition to those, various other races started appearing in the city wanting to settle and claiming it their home. (All Race information can be found on sim in the welcome area, if you have any questions once you've landed then please IM a GM.) -=Human=- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- Humans always having to be more creative and inventive to keep up with the other inhabitants of Miasma like the powerful Lycans and mechanically altered Cyborgs. Some think they are at a great disadvantage when trying to survive and become the dominant species. Many are just trying to survive, but the human spirit lives strong and will never stop the fight. Some choosing to band together and combine their resources and knowledge, while others hide in the shadows using their wits and ingenuity to stay alive. The humans that remain in Miasma are clearly the strongest of their kind. Managing to survive through the throes of a fight for domination. The human body while more fragile than others is still capable of remarkable feats of strength when put to the test so do not ever under estimate the true power of a mere Human. There are two main human sub races: -Legiones -Cotidianus --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- -Legiones - --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- These humans are amongst the strongest fighters; their backgrounds vary from Ex-militants or black belt fighters. They rely on their long-term fighting experience and knowledge in the art of war the old human way. They mostly use weapons like guns or swords and other their sharp wits, they may not be as strong as other races but they have a huge determination to survive which is more than enough to ensure their survival. Naturally they have no magical ability nor can use any magical weapons. --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- -Cotidianus - --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- These humans are normal and mostly average when it comes to physical attributes. They don't have any skills in fighting or defending themselves but they use their intelligence to survive. Scientists Authors or Nerds come under this category. They may have a protector who looks out for them for a price or merely due to affection. Naturally they have no magical ability nor can use any magical weapons. --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- -=Cybernetic=- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- The Cyborg in Miasma City, a marvel of scientific and medical experimentation may be non human or a human with such a elevated intelligence they have mechanically engineered their body to fit their ultimate needs. With the ability to alter the human body in so many ways that some do not even resemble the appearance of a human any longer. A creature by most to be considered far more superior than just a human, with enhancements to alter anything from mental capacity to enhanced hearing. While the more drastic may enhance nearly every part of their body making the human they once were unrecognizable. Some choosing to have these procedures done to enhance everyday life but others strictly wanting to give themselves a perceived advantage in a fight to overcome the other species that inhabit Miasma. The cyborg a tricky foe since you cannot always be sure what they have altered and will definitely have a few tricks up their sleeve. If you were to win a fight with a cyborg you should remember each time you meet them, a new enhancement could be in place. There are two main cybernetic sub races: - Humana Cyborg - Droid Cyborg --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- - Humana Cyborg- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- These Cyborgs are part human part machine. Obviously they are much more intelligent than the normal human due to their enhancements. They may appear totally human with mild robotic parts within them or they can even appear fully robotic but Humana cyborgs should have a human heart. They cannot do magic. Their emotional level may vary but since they are part human, they do have emotions. --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- - Droid Cyborg- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- These Cyborgs are totally machine made with a vast amount of artificial intelligence. They are usually programmed by humans or other races to do certain functions. Some of them can exist on their own but they always have a purpose due to the fact they are purely man-made. They are non magical and rely on technological stuff for survival. They are emotionless and they cannot feel due to the fact that they are totally made of machines. --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- -=Mutant=- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- Mutants in Miasma City are the genetically altered, the victim of environmental contamination, the subject of failed medical experimentation, or the natural evolution of the species? You'll do kindly to remember that each mutant is unique in their abilities. You may not always know what sort of benefit or hindrance they might have and many will go to great lengths to hide their true mutations. Some are trying to perfect specific mutations to sell to the scientific world. Others are attempting to create a super power of soldiers, or even develop the perfect employee best suited for a job. There are many other reasons, known and unknown and are only limited by the imagination of this advanced intelligence of people. Mutants may be considered a lesser species to some who prefer the pure blooded of their kind and to others a miracle of time and something to aspire to become. There are three main mutant sub races: -Diversis Mutant -Magicae Mutant -Pecus Mutant --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- - Diversis Mutant- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- These mutants came into existence due to the toxic waste being spread around the city, they are humans with slight mutations which are mostly physical and obvious to other people. Abnormal body structure, extra limbs, abnormal skin tone (Human skin color with spots etc.) come under this category. They are non magical and rely on physical strength or weapons. --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- - Magicae Mutant- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- These mutants are different from your normal mutants. They may have obvious mutations or they may chose to appear human but they also have additional attributes like mutated blood, other additional physical strength varying from high speed or abnormal body temperatures. They are also able to shift between their mutated form or normal form. They don't really have magical abilities, just a more high tech physical change compared to most mutants. --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- - Pecus Mutant- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- These mutants have animal like mutations which are obvious to the public. They are humans who have animal characteristics, like a human with a lizard tail, a human with scaly wings or deer horns, faun like appearance etc. They are non magical and would rely on their animal like mutation to defend themselves. --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- -=Mystic=- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- Mystics in Miasma city are beings of magical embodiment. They have always co-existed with the humans since they look human, some of them being human. They are very well versed in occult, alchemy and other magical teachings. Some of them have worked hard to earn their abilities while others were born with them. They may be mortal, immortal or even dead. These beings rely on their magical abilities, spells and other magical charms for their survival and safety, since they are expert in their field, they are mostly called upon by normal people for assistance. Some of them have evolved out of their dependency from nature and in Miasma City they have learned to rely on electrical supply that moves around the city. Following are the subraces: --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- -Venefica- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- These mystics have existed throughout history, they are commonly known as witches or wizards. They rely on magical spells, incantations, magical charms and books of sorcery. They are human and may be mortal or immortal depending on how much they have learned. --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- -Nativus- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- These mystics are born with natural powers. They may take time to be able to control them but some of them have mastered their abilities. Unlike Veneficas, they don't need spells or magical books to learn new things since they have a vast magical energy within them. They may be human or non-human but will always take the appearance of humans. --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- -Inusitus- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- These are rare mystics, they are mostly dead beings that are still lurking around. They could be ghosts, night creatures, shadows, corpses that are all still functioning due to a certain magical energy. They don't have a vast amount of magical powers due to the mere fact that their existence is already magical. --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- -Seelie - --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- These are the good fae who want to bring peace and harmony. They like to make people happy and they are always around to lend a helping hand. They could be a pleasant companion or a guide due to their good nature. --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- - Unseelie- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- These are the evil fae, they want to raise hell and wreak havok. From minor tricks to really huge mastermind plans of causing pain and suffering to their victims. Due to their beauty, they can easily trick anybody. --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- - Aequus- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- These are the neutral fae, they are between the good and the evil. Sometimes their goodness may be dominant or their evil nature may be dominant. --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- -Light Elf- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- These are the elves of light that use their gift for good and betterment of humanity. They mostly appear with normal human skin tones and pointed elf ears. --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- - Dark Elf- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- These are elves of darkness that use their gift for evil and the destruction of humanity. They mostly appear with darker skin tones and pointed elf ears. --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- - Noon Elf- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- These are neutral elves; they are a mixture of good and bad. Their true intentions are mostly unknown. They could appear like a dark elf or a light elf. --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- -=Angel=- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- Newest residents to the World. The arrival meant a lot to those living on Earth. For many? Salvation. Though the coming of the Angels could hardly be considered Salvation. Death, destruction was left in their wake. Their only purpose was the wiping out of all Demons and imprisoning those left over. Any who came in their way would only fall within the same fate. They are Soldiers of God. Void of emotions and monsters of the night. Seek out shelter when they patrol the skies. They no longer are symbols of hope, but harbingers of death. With Gods absence, the Angels were forced to take residency within cities. The War lost but their determination to wipe out their enemies and locate God were fresh in their minds. Even with the power they hold, they no longer are the strength they once were. Separated from the Kingdom of Heaven has only strengthened the resolve of their neighbors while weakening the once magical potency they once had. But Faith will bring them strength. Beginning today, they herald the purging of Miasma caked with demonic taint. There are three main angel sub races: -Pure Angel -Fallen Angel -Nephilim Angel --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- -Pure Angel- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- These are the angels from heaven who haven't forgotten their true calling to spread peace and heal the world of evil. They mostly have white wings and some of them show their wings with pride while others hide them for their safety. --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- -Fallen Angel- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- These are the angels that have fallen and turned their backs on the heavens. They don't agree with the teachings of God and they live to turn over every being of light and goodness they see. They are the corrupted and twisted angels. Their wings are mostly tainted in black and some of them chose to show it or hide it. --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- -Nephilim Angel- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- They are the ones in between the fallen angels and the pure angels. They have evil and good tendencies depending on certain situations. Their wings may be white, black or other colors. They are not heavenly made angels, they are mostly created by other angels therefore they are neutral to the teachings of heaven and some of them haven't even been to heaven. --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- -=Demon=- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- Demons can spawn from any of the seven layers of hell. Creature of the unknown, and the ones haunting the nightmares of children since the beginning of time. Remarkable and truly unique creatures with a history going back to Gods. The demons once were a dominant species that ruled worlds and laid waste to entire civilizations. They may be fewer in number now but will always remain a source of power, adapting to new surroundings and waiting to regain the dominance they once held. Walking the earth to obliterate the Angel and human races alike. Coming in many forms and none truly alike, they may be a friend or deadly enemy, using a multitude of powers and physical attributes to their advantage. If you find yourself staring into the eyes of a demon hell bent on bringing you down think long and hard about your strategy since you will more than likely be surprised at what they can bring to the table. Demons are never to be underestimated. There are two main demon sub races: -Pure Demon -Nephilim Demon --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- -Pure Demon- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- These are the way demons supposed to be, pure and evil. They exist for the destruction of humanity and other races. They will not rest until everything is crumbing with chaos and they strive to feed on the pain and suffering of their victims. Their main goal is world domination. --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- -Nephilim Demon- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- These are the demons that hold themselves back, maybe they are closer to their past humanity or maybe they somehow managed to gain affection for certain things. They are not violent like the pure demons, they come in between. It is possible to strike a conversation that may not end up in a fight or bloodshed. They aren't good or evil but neutrals. In the end they are still demons and they always have their own personal goal. --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- -=Vampires=- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- The old and mysterious Vampire, the creature of legend and myth, stalking the streets of Miasma in search of their next victim, pet, or companion. Their strength and elusiveness will put some in a state of awe, while others will run in terror, and to the truly brave they see their next formidable opponent. If you choose to take on a vampire be sure you are ready for anything because you can never be quite sure of their motive. Will they attempt to take you in the shadows and overcome you with pure strength, snatch you in the open with incredible speed, or lure you to come with them by their power of persuasion? Some set in tradition and preferring the company of their own kind, only coming out mainly to feed. However some have taken to the open streets, revealing their true identity to others in hopes of being accepted or to tear through what they see as nothing but a source of food. Whatever their reason, those who are not of like kind need to be wary of them when out, especially in numbers. There are two main vampire sub races: -Cruor Suco -Magus Suco --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- -Cruor Suco - --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- These are your normal vampires who need blood to survive, they have the basic attributes of vampires including enchantment and heightened senses. They have no magical attributes. --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- -Magus Suco- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- These vampires are normal vampires who also need blood to survive, but they have one magical skill or power. Be it from blood magic or the usual magical elements. --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- -=Lycan=- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- Lycans in Miasma City are humans who can shift into wolves, an animal of raw power and rage They are filled with the fury to rip your throat with a single swipe of their paw or bite from their massive jaws. The moon will forever be their friend, shining a light along their path in the darkness where others may tread lightly. Their howl can send shivers up even the most courageous persons spine, letting their presence forever be known. Another of the Miasma creatures rich with history and customs, some choosing to shun their heritage and remain in human form trying to fit into a growing society, others banning together to bring back the proud dominance of all lycans. Meeting a lycan ready for battle will at the very least be an intimidating sight, the speed and power they possess will not make them an easy target to overcome so always be on your toes and ready to adjust to keep yourself from being trapped under their audacious form. Always remember that what you assume is a human, could actually be a lycan, laying in wake to shift into its true form and attack. There are two main lycan sub races: -Luna Lupus -Magus Lupus --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- -Luna Lupus - --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- These are your normal lycans who are able to shift at will but are cursed to shift once a month during the full moon. They have no magical attributes and rely on their normal lycan strength and abilities. --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- - Magus Lupus- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- These lycans are normal lycans as well who can shift at will and are bound to shift during the full moon, but they have one magical skill or power. Be it from moon magic or the usual magical elements. --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- -=Feline=- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- One of the oldest human feline hybrids to walk the earth. In pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures their priests and shamans followed a tradition of donning the skins of jungle cats to "become" were-felines to enhance and expand their magical essences and increase their power. Among the Aztecs, there was an entire class of specialized warriors dressed in jaguar skins, called jaguar warriors or jaguar knights. With new excavation technology scientists discovered they were not just mere myths and the genetic makeup of these creatures was seized. Geneticist went to work producing variations of these fierce and agile feline creatures, optimizing their reflexes, grace and cunning stealth. Each varied creature having the appearance of cat like traits; such as cat ears, a cat tail, retractable claws, paw feet or other feline characteristics (ears, and tail are generally considered the minimum) on an otherwise human body. Don't ever be sidetracked by their sometimes cute and cuddly appearance as that is usually their most deadly trait. There are two main feline sub races: -Catus Felis -Catus Magus -Catus Luna --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- -Catus Felis - --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- These are your normal felines. Humans that have cat ears and tail and other feline like characteristics. They also have catlike instincts and attributes. They have no magical abilities. --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- - Catus Magus- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- These felines are like the catus felis but they have one magical skill or power. --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- - Catus Luna- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- These felines appear like the catus felis but just like the lycans they are cursed to shift into a werecat during the full moon. Some of them have trained themselves to shift even when there is no full moon. --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- -=Hybrid=- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- As time passed in Miasma City, creatures having characteristics of two different races started coming into existence, the cause could be the unity of two different species or it could have been a mere accident or for the reason of survival. You will see two races that are enemies within one individual or you may see a different kind of species that may remind you of two totally different races. Like every other Species, Hybrids are trying to blend in and sometimes it’s hard to be accepted due to their vast differences. Hyrbrids allowed: --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- -=Vampire-Lycan=- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- These hybrids have much more control on their vampire side, yet their lycan side is more suppressed. --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- -=Lycan-Vampire=- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- These hybrids have more control over their lycan side, yet their vampire side is more suppressed.
  4. .::Miasma City::. Sci-if, neo urban RP sim opened two weeks ago, high traffic. Seeking talented RPers of all walks of life to enrich this beautifully epic setting, and let your creativity really bring it to life, DCS supported but highly RP focused, we have something for everyone here. Looking for all races, Vampires, Lycans, Humans, Demons, mutants, Felines, Angels and Cybernetics, across all story driven factions. http://www.miasmacity.com - More information can be found here. You truly have to come and look to appreciate the build, here are a few pictures of our main city and the underworld also.. Apparently my other images of the sim are to large but it really isn't your average SL build, the detail is on another level and it's every where you look. I encourage roleplayers, new and old to come check out this city. We already have a medium player base ranging from semi to paragraph posting. Some of the most creative minds i have come across in SL roleplay.. If you have any questions feel free to IM myself (Venom Aho) or Purple Biscuit. We would be more than happy to answer any questions and show you around. Slurl : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Plutus/58/109/1858
  5. That's just a rough copy, just wanted to put it out there to get feedback, it will be gone through and corrected etc. Thank you for the feed back though..
  6. We (myself and a few friends) are in progress of opening a new sim to the roleplay community. We are hoping to open in the next couple of weeks. I just wanted to share the back story to get some thought.. In the beginning when the earth was new and the tales of time sought the ears of babes come the stories that place the fear in the bodies of mothers for the future of their off spring. Their hearts beat faster as the words of these stories are brought to light. The smallest village in the midsts of the woodland stands alone the people with whom live within live their lives entwined in the stories of that they all have to live with, Come in to these arms of mine and dream of such dark fantasies as we are taken to that village and the the very heart, in the center lays a fallen down well the spring of life that feeds the villagers, the liquid breath that all come to sup from. The very start of this tale is the magic that surrounds such a dark realm the forbidden secrets thats it could hold, the woodland full of mystery the wolves that can transform in to men that can lead the woman astray leading them off the path or the woman who are branded witch and cast spells on those around them for their own means. The spell binding creatures that live within that woodland such as creatures that feed on those taking their life force to live forever after. The Vampires that steal babes from beds vanishing in to the dead of night never to be seen again. They walk in the darkness as if their were one of the villagers but have the intentions of stealing the very life from us. Such horrors were believed to be that of folke law tales that traveled through time but were not true but the stories that the magic that surrounds the well exsists as if that well its self had something come from it, up from the darkest deepest parts of the earth to explore life above, coming in the dead of night like the the rarest rose that ever dared to bloom but the crulest winter of the human race stole that bloom, hurting it making it restreat back to the world beneath some say they come out, what is it? wolf? vampire? Demon? none know the history as it is long since forgotten but things happen to those in the now ever growing lands that turned from smallest village to that of a ever growing city. Time moves on like the blood that ebbs through the veins that reside in it. Some say demons walk amoung those who live in this city of the dark realm causing avoke reminding all those poor souls that the tales were true, the horrors of history that was once meant to be beautiful was now a fateful memory the distant night mare of that in which we live. Humans attempt to live on in the darkest shadows of what echos in the minds as the future makes the city evolve so does that of the hellish tales. Any feedback, input etc will be as welcome as criticism.. Thanks in advance Josh (Venom Aho)
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