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  1. Thanks guys, it was indeed the root prim that was causing the problem, ive got link 2 to move separate from the root now thanks to your help.. so big thanks to you all..!
  2. Hi guys im trying to move one prim individually from in a link set, whever i try move a linked prim it moves the whole set insted of that individual prim, i basically have a panel that i want to move, or ideally hide, ive tried using alpha to hide it but ive found the object still shows as clickable even though you cant see it.. so i have to get round that by moving it inside another object to hide it and stop it from becoming clickable.. Ive tried llSetPos on the prim in the link set where the script is, but that moves all prims in the set. And ive tried llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(link, [PRIM_POS_LOCAL, link_pos]); which also moves the whole link set, even though i give it a link number. Any ideas would be great !
  3. I have the same problem, its SL's dll that handels the file dialog, and appears to effect win7 upwards, firestorm has the same problem too since i asume there also using part of the sl client code, the problem goes away if you use a v1 client though.. it seems to start from v2 or v3 onwards..
  4. I have the same problem also win7, its not just the sl viewer eather its also firestorm, it appears v1 clients are ok, and starts with v2 etc
  5. I know its not straight forward that SLAV with Max for some reason, but if you look up at one of my older posts, ive posted my working bones to download and use, these are correct scale and setup right.. all you have to do is fix your av to it.. i recomend you dont use the scale SL says to use ie meaters to cm.. keep everything in meaters, that way you know for sure it be the same when you export it to SL.. PS I am definatly going to put a full guide together, with example rig to download on my site when i get the whole proccess working right.. i have got it working, i just need to sort out the texture part, which is proving a bit odd.. when using max exporter textures dont seem to work, but when i use the alternative plugin to max sl has faces for the texture by the uv mapping is wrong.. so im almost there..
  6. Oh i only used the bones from that, i have my own AV and UV mapping on it.. ill take a look at how that SLAV one was done, and compare it to what i did.. ! Cheers ! Ahh i think i got it.. but need to test.. i used the wrong map modifier by looks of things.. lol
  7. I tried texture on it.. first time didont work, sl is suposed to make texture ID's into separate faces or sides of the object, when i use the other exporter it seems to do this.. but when i apply the texture to the face the uv map is all screwed up.. so ill have to play around a bit to see what works.. its probably the way the uv map has been made but once i get it woring ill make a moch AV with texture and bones and put it up here so everyone will have a working refrance to go from.. !
  8. Your welcome Kwakkelde The only reason i say the possition of the xform is that the max exporter complained about it, so i had to rearange it.. but it was a small thing.. your bones are probably still not the correct size if you still have to scale on SL.. if you have alrady rigged im not sure of an easy way to do that without you haveing to re waight etc.. !
  9. If I read correctly, you used the SLAV importer aswell... Can you post your unit settings? both the system units and display units? (Customize -> Units Setup) Did max convert settings on import? Can you post your import scale? It's defaulted at 40.0 because of the inch-meter. (should be 39.4, but close enough) Did you have to scale the skeleton after importing into max? If so, did you apply any XForm resets on the bones and/or avatar? Yes i used the free version of SLAV to import the bones only, though to be honest if SL had given proper documentation on the bone structure i could have done that my self.. but I imported using a scale of 1. My units setup in Max is.. display unit scale of metric meaters, system unit setup 1 unit to meaters.. exported on max with fbx plugin 2012.2 on Max 2011, scale factor was 1, and set to meaters. deforms selected, animation checked, preserve edge checked covert dum to bones check..triangulate checked.. On SL importer no scale change needed. physics tab, level 1 on hi, i plan to make three versions of the mesh at some point, but for now i just analized and simplyfied.. upload options tab, upload texture (as u say has no effect with max exporter), inclide skin and joints.. select avatar shape from drop down box.. calculate and upload.. the bones were reset using reset xform, and if i remember i took off one of the xforms on the global stack of it to make sure.. so the bones when you select them all do not have an xform on them btw, because after i reset the xform i deleted the xform that was there to get original size.. Hope that helps, here are my bones if you find them useful! the good thing is you only need i asume to resize the bones to what haight you need your avatar, since its in meaters, it should be the same as SL.. 3dsmax SL bones Ok, I think I got rigs imported into SL as editable mesh Its not just the mesh you have to watch out for !, the possition of xform on the max stack is important too, i found you cant have it at the top, nor can you have it just above editable poly, it has to be between the skin and the uv map! but then i did also have smothing deform on there, so maybe that had something to do with it. my stack order for the mesh is: skin xform UV smooth edit poly And this works..
  10. Thanks Kwakkelde I actually never thought to right click on those buttons, it was just the bones in the end, I just rigged it again did some of what you said, and probably other stuff that didont need to be done, but my avarar is correct size, waighs and bones work fine.. it needs a lot of tweaking though to get it right.. and the textures ill try later.. but at least now i know the proccess to doing the whole thing, and know that everything works.. so big thanks.. ! I think there more work to go into the waights than there is editing mesh.. I did find though that it has to be editable poly, i know some state it dosent matter, maybe that was before, but i just get an error with editable mesh on SL.. so i spend hours riggin then having to do it all again lol
  11. Yes its a bones issue.. because ive tried the mesh by its self without bones and it appears to be fine.. but not with bones.. scale is way off and possition etc.. Basically the mesh which is a compleate mesh, has a unwrap uvw on it.. which has a multi/sub texture on it.. which has 8 materials with diferent ID's.. the mesh is white in the sl importer even when i check textures on display and on the other tab.. and when i upload its still white.. The bones are around 1.8 meaters hi in 3dsmax, ive used to default scale setup that is in the SL mesh information.. exporting is set to automatic, and shwos the same scale that 3dsmax uses.. How would i check that the bones are facing the right way and a scale of 100% in MAX?
  12. Im using SLAVbones, i dont think it matters on the scale when it loads and sets it up.. since you can resize it to around 1.8m later.. i have got it working, but what you have to do is, make a solid AV mesh, not a linked one or separate objects for body parts.. it has to be compleate.. then you add all the bones on that one mesh.. after you add the UV mapping.. you check include skin waight on SL importer if you dont do this, it just attached like a normal object and dosent act as an Avatar.. Im working on the problem of scale at the moment, because like you my av is huge, but works fine.. plus textures arent working for some reason, mine has a mulit sub, no more than 8 textures, but i really dont know why that not working.. I was able to use the SL exporter to change the scale but this had no effect on the final upload.. its got to be something trivial were missing.. Plus the av is attached in its centre body, even though i suposadly reset the pivot point, at least the gizmo show at the bottom where the feet are insted of the centre.. it actually might be the bones to be hoenst, ill have to play around with them, like the mesh would scale fine at one time, but soon as i applied the bones, it was big.. so i know im getting closer to the problem !! at least scale.. the texture problem ive never got working !
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