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  1. 2WIRE Router/Modem cause SL functions not working. So what do I need to do to fix
  2. Subject: Why do each time I teleport somewhere Second Life crashes. Nothing is in the network status report? I have completed all port and network changes recommended to me here. I have contacted AT&T U-verse about their 2WIRE Modem/Router It looks good to their support techs; all the other web sites I go to are fine and I have no problems. Even the SL property manager, Sweety Basevi, where I rent a beachfront spent hours of her time rebooting her systems and mine... She confirmed my suspicions that it is a system problem with Second Life or Linden Labs. I have totally wiped all viewers and their directories and downloaded fresh copies for MAC of SL Viewer and Firestorm viewer. On April 8th I will be billed L$21,000 for next months rent... So if this situation is not resolved by then, I will have no choice but to cancel my account -- I am not going to pay over $100 /month for this kind of frustration! Hah-nu-nah After getting no help here and getting the following response from Phoenix Viewer Support: Jira email support discontinued 6:36 PM (16 minutes ago) Please refer to the web page linked below for information on the many ways in which you can request help with Firestorm and Phoenix viewers, either inworld through our support groups or on the web by filing a ticket. http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=getting_help I just CANCELLED my account... Linden Labs is going down the tubes if they think the lame support they provide with Bots, Scripts and other users ain't doing the job!! I am outter here and never coming back -- This has been a real waste of time and MONEY $$$
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