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  1. The lotus and the xcite appendages are best. Stick to one though because when the time comes you need to be familiar with the controls which are all very different
  2. Your estates are residential/light commercial - does that make them cheaper than something else - another category? If so what is the other category and how much would that be. Sorry to be stupid but I am so confused about this land thing.
  3. Can anybody explain what "drama" is? I see it alot on people's profiles but have never heard anybody explain just what it is. Even in this thread I have seen alot of comments about what is not drama. Or comments about how drama is in RL and will be in SL as well. But what is it? Pleeeeeaaaasssee
  4. You really are the most beautiful looking girl I have bumped into - and that goes for your RL photo too! Please please get in touch with me so that I can meet you again. We met here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pueulla/161/79/32
  5. So is the boat yours as well Marcello? The LM you gave was for Marcello's Playground but the boat is on another parcel. The SLURL for the boat is: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pueulla/161/79/32 BUt that is different from the place where the restauranrt building is. Sorry if I am being a bit stupid!!
  6. I noticed this when I was looking at your post about the night club on the boat. Have you got any more photos please?
  7. I think there are a few areas you are still working on Marcello, such as your smaller stores, but overall you have done a great job. The scenery and the tiered effect down the hill is nice and scenic. Love the club, the games tables and the fact you have hidden so many free gifts around the decks inside the boat. Makes me want to explore....
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