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  1. Thanks verymuch Folks for yoru replies and help. Although it may well be cosidered as cheating does simply changing the avatar to a default one and then applying one of your saved outfits get rid of any kidnap or uncomfortable situations even if an avatar is owned and locked without any seemingly means of escape? Thanks again Paddy
  2. Hi Folks,, Been under 2 mths in SL now and exploring various adult worlds. Just a few questions about the slave collar that is worn by avators. 1 When a slave is leashed is he/she free to go if they meet with what they consider a rather creepy character< i.e do they have to be unleashed or have a method to escape if they so want? 2 is there a way to get a freebie collar and other objects in any of the worlds? Thanks a lot folsk for any info. Paddy
  3. Hi folks, For some reason or other I have multiple Landmark folders in my inventory. Now it’s possible to delete a few of them but there is a default Landmarks folder where if I right click I can't delete. How do I consolidate them all into the one Landmarks folder without having to go through the tedious process of teleporting to each sim and then having to landmark it again which will then show up on the default Landmarks folder? Thanks for any easy peesy way around this. Paddy
  4. Thank you very much for your kind help Paddy
  5. Hi folks, I would appreciate your help. 1 how do I stop streaming music in second life viewer is there a pause button? 2 I have downloaded the latest Phoenix viewer and wonder which is the best to use secondlife viewer or Phoenix? 3 when using the Phoenix viewer there is a logo above my name that I must have picked up in one of the worlds (not seen on the official second life viewer) How do I remove it in Phoenix? Thanks for all your kind help. Paddy
  6. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In case it's not already obvious from Hippie's post, switching from one "outfit" to another is the way to quickly change avatar appearance. In addition to a selection of outfits that dress the avatar, you may also want one that makes the avatar nude -- including an, umm, "attachment". -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks very much to both of you for the very helpful replies. Sl seems like a very helpful comminity with people wanting to help newbies like myself out. A SL user send me a good user skin which solves the nude nakedness problem while another send me the required "attachment" only problem is once I wear an outfit it will show through it, seems only way to stop it showing for now is to use the "detach" menu function. That works ok but maybe you know of a different way so as to wear an outfit and it not showing.? Another thing is how do I change the skin tone color so as to blend better with the skin color? many thanks once again Paddy
  7. Hi folks, As a relative new user to Sl I would be grateful for any help as regards the following. 1 I have chosen one of the default avators in SL and when right clicking on the avator and selecting "clothes off" it still leaves me wearing underpants. I have tried detach but no good, in fact I think all of the male avators in SL default avators have the underclothes painted on. On googling this it seems I have to select a new skin, and then just dress the avator, is there already a skin in my inventuary that will serve the purpose that I want, will enable me to be totally naked? 2 when I have clothes off, whats the quickest way to become totally dressed again? Thanks very much for any help really appreciated. Paddy
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