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  1. i am a new person in sl and have tryed all kinds of viewers since i started to loggin and i must comment to all this that in my view v3 is just cluttered unlogical and i really dislike the ME menu that sounds incredible noobish it is a viewer in the backmind created by Linden Lab for new users and it looks like the older users are forgotten. a business like Linden Lab must come up with something better then v3 if not then SL will not make 2014 it is loosing customers daily. oh and Hellespont i tryed also viewer 1.23.5 and also snowglobe 1.4.2 and 1.5 i think all those 3viewers are very simulair but are way mosr stable and easyer to use then v3.6 so i agree i am on your side on this one. My name is ItonSimResident Resident, Displaynames? yes it is Iton! i just have to use them with stupid signupnames like mine wish the namegenerator cam back then i deleted this account and started in a more realistic SL world but gues the Lindens are to selffish to change it back, worthless way of deling with people forcing them residential lastnames really.
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