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  1. Thanks for your response.

    This is the script:

    integer pot; integer amount; integer total; key tid; string ownername;

    init() {     ownername = llKey2Name( llGetOwner());     llSetText( "Tips",<0,1,0>,1);     llOwnerSay ( "Tip jar for " + ownername + " ready..." ); }

    default {     state_entry()     {         init();     }     on_rez( integer param )     {         init();     }     touch_start( integer num )     {         llInstantMessage( llDetectedKey(0),"Leave a Tip if you enjoyed");     }     money( key id, integer payment )     {         amount = payment;         tid = id;         llRequestAgentData( id, DATA_NAME );     }     dataserver( key query, string name )     {         llSay( 0, name + " tips " + ownername + " " + (string)amount + "Lindens");         llSay( 0, "Thanks " + llGetSubString( name, 0, llSubStringIndex( name, " " )) );         llInstantMessage( tid, "Thanks for your Tip " + llGetSubString( name, 0, llSubStringIndex( name, " " )));         if ( llGetInventoryNumber( INVENTORY_SOUND ) > 0 )         {             llPlaySound( llGetInventoryName( INVENTORY_SOUND, 0 ),1 );         }         if ( llGetInventoryNumber( INVENTORY_TEXTURE ) > 0 )         {             llGiveInventory( tid,llGetInventoryName( INVENTORY_TEXTURE,0 ));         }             } }




  2. I was going to say that SL's user base is the most negative group that I've ever come across but that would be unfair since most users probably just keep enjoying SL and ignore web blog postings and comments.

    The truth is that negative people tend to be the loudest, both in SL and RL.

    I think someone said it before but I'll say it again, these people who comment on forums and blogs in a perpetually negative vein appear to have deap-seated psychological issues. 

    I am saying this because everytime that SL develops something new the reaction is always predictably negative from these bloggers and commentators.

    Why don't they find a new virtual world or do something more satisfying with their time?

  3. I think it's great.  There is a very important feature that no one else anywhere has mentioned.  This place is low lag and rezzes fast.  I've been having problems with rezzing and lag recently, things stay grey a long time in most sims.  However, in this area everything rezzed in 30 seconds.

    This definitely adds value to my premium membership and I hope that SL creates more of these areas.


  4. Hi,

    I would like to make a suggestion to Linden Labs to create community centres with a pool, games, and where live performances could be kept etc. in the Linden Homes area as a place where avatars could soicialize, especially in the suburbia themed area.

    Presently there are lots of houses and everyone stays in them.

    Maybe not many people would go to the community centres at first but I think it would catch on eventually.  It would also make the Linden Homes area more appealing to premium members most of whom do not really spend much time in the Linden Homes.


  5. Hi,

    I bought the following script:

       touch_start(integer total_number)
       //has to give something on touch, so.
            integer content = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_OBJECT);
        //this is the thing we're giving away.
            float rand = llFrand(content);
            //generates the random number.
            llGiveInventory(llDetectedKey(0), llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_OBJECT, (integer)rand));
        //give random object to the person.

    However, it works for me, the owner, but when other people touch the object nothing happens.

    Can anyone tell me what's the problem with the script?



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