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  1. I'm looking for some shops that have some nice mainly PG - PG13 animations for two guys and a girl. I found a couple on marketplace and will look more later, but one can only go through so many pages before you go into a MP coma. If you know of some place, please leave me a name or link. I'm not looking for static poses, those I can just make myself if I feel the need for them. Thanks in advance!
  2. Moz, if our times overlap feel free to IM me, that goes for anyone who may be looking for someone to chat with. I'm always open to talking to new people. Usually on in and around 7slt-10slt (been on longer as of late) I've never been great at meeting new people, I seem to Im the ones that talk for a couple of minutes and then either forget you're there or don't care, buggers. Even in finding people with similar interests it's hard, sometimes opposites attract and sometimes those are the best friendships. There is always something you can agree upon, but it's not always in your profile. If I don't hear from you, Good luck
  3. Here are some that may work for you Revolver Tidal Vindicated Zev On the Job Any one of those may look quite nice on you. Hope it's helpful.
  4. Hello Felclaw, I can't say that I'm a good one for finding the popular places, but if you'd like someone to talk to and help you out (as much as i can) feel free to contact me. We could go shop hopping ans find you some new stuff. Based on your post time we may be in world around the same times. For me generally anywhere around 6slt-10slt and sometimes later.
  5. D0RKiiiE wrote: Well then.. haha. So mostly getting Addison, then suggestions..then some criticism. Then something about naming myself like an alien? Smh, but maybe this picture will bring more justice.. to the look. (Hopefully..) I think it does help some. She has a pretty face, I personally am not into the teeth look, but for some reason it's always creeped me out a personal thing, not a criticism. Make her who you want her to be, don't let anyone deter you from what you like.
  6. Oh sweety *hugs Sephina tight* I'm so sorry. Know I'm here for you if you need someone to talk to.
  7. Of the names you have noted I think Addison works best. Other ideas that came to mind... Mira or Leah.
  8. I'm shy, melow, easy to talk to and sometimes quite the brat
  9. Hello Shroom, welcome back to SL, Feel free to look me up. Always interested in new friends. I'm usually on aroun SLT 6pm-11pm. Complete side note Seph, miss you chicky!
  10. Hello Matt, I dont' know if your and my online times would overlap, but if so feel free to look me up. If you need help on anything I'm able to assist you with I'm more then willing to help. I'm generally on between these times SLT 6pm-10pm, later if there is anyone on to talk to. Look me up if that works for you
  11. ribit, I don't think it's the windows 8 giving you problems. I'm far from a computer tech, but I recently bought a laptop running windows 8 as well and I haven't had anything like that happening to me. I've even run up to 3 viewers at once and though it slows it down I haven't had any other issues. I don't know if you are opening it from the new W8 start window or the alternative older looking start, maybe that's it? I'd maybe try a google search and see if you can find anything mentioning W8 and SL viewer issues that sounds similar to your problem. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  12. Hope, I think you may just be my new best friend. Thank you so much for having that 4am boredom! *big hugs*
  13. Perrie Juran wrote: Love it!!! ^o^
  14. Uncommon, thanks for the relpy. Epic is my second choic if I can't find these particular ones. I have to buckle down and search some more. I even checked google to see if some picture of them would pop up, on a blog or one hiding in the marketplace. Maybe someone will know, if not I'll have to suck it up and go for the alternative. Thanks again.
  15. Alright, I had seen these legs on the marketplace and I had gone to the store a while back as well, but now I can't find them, and dumb me, I didn't keep a LM. I do not have a picture, so I'm even more help, but I can describe them. These particular legs had versions for spring summer fall and winter, spring had flowers, summer I can't remember, fall had turning foliage and winter has xmas lights. The decoration was wrapped around the mid section of the lower leg. The fur/hair layer went to about a third of the way up the thigh. The store also had some legs that had fur/hair layers to go up to the level of low rise pants. Also available from this creator were pants that could fit over the legs. It's driving me nuts that I can't find this shop again. I looked at the MP I don't know how many times today, going through each page of "furry" items, searching faun, searching leg and weeding it down. If anyone knows what shop I'm talking about, please oh please let me know. I'd really appreciate it. I'm sorry I didn't have an example and that my description is a bit sparse. Any help is appreciate it. Thank you.
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