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  1. I have never had an issue till last night when I went to buy lindens in my viewer it sent me email that it could not accpect my payment so then I proceed to the dash board and it did the same thing I have always used the same payment method and now added a new one so what is the issue is anyone else having these same issues I do not want to continue to try to buy and then later they all come booming in at once that could be costly. Please help !
  2. I load SL Viewer and when I get a message the button flashes and causes my whold screen to flash how do I fix this ?
  3. Has anyone found a solution to fixing the video issue with Windows 8 and SL Viewer. I am still getting the error message about updating my video drivers I am running Radeon HD 4550. It seems that Windows 8 Changed it to a microsoft driver with WDDM1.1v. I know this is what is causing the issue but I go back to my driver and it just changes it back can someone please help me Just want everyone to know I found a solution to the issue just back track to the other driver pick it off the list of drivers and boom SL and Firestorm will work just as it normally did
  4. I will try that and contact you back to let you know if it works or not thanks for responding so quicky
  5. I am having issues with the SL VIewer 2 it is flashing my hair particularly. I do not know what to do to fix it not sure if there is something that is turned on that is not supposed too be can someone help me please. SL Beta Viewer also will not work it contiuously locks up so I can not get it too work at all
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