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  1. Yes, submit a ticket. I've done this before and they restored an account that i had cancelled two years before. And everything was still there And it didn't cost me anything either.
  2. I remember i made this sign a couple months ago, for people to show some protest. But only a few people wanted it. That's what i love about americans: In RL they show great unity, and they can protest... watch out! And they won't give up until they get what they want. But in SL? Forget it! Unity? Uncle Who? Land of the free? yeah right. One click and people are either blocked or banned. Don't get me wrong, but its true. SL is so much different from RL. And i don't think that last names will be coming back either because many people dont want to pick a last name they dont really like. I wo
  3. I ask myself why we keep discussing? I have read lots of comments, but nobody can actually do anything but discuss. So i would suggest we show them some "Unity" and put up signs (maybe a picture with Uncle Sam, saying "Bring Back Last Names!") And put up signs and flags and T-Shirts, like the protesters do in RL. Show them that we are SL and we are unite. Maybe walk across the mainland with signs allover so they can see that we dont give up... But we need to do something so they can hear us.
  4. I'm just curious because i really don't need (and don't want) Pixel Sex in SL. I could have it in RL whenever i want it, because its more fun in RL. It might sound funny, but its true and some people don't seem to believe me when i say i dont want Sex in SL. Makes me wonder why that is... Is it because i am a man? Are men in SL suppose to get their **bleep** out as soon as they see a naked woman? Or the first day they are dating...? Maybe some guys here are like "ram bam thank you mam"... and some women may expect a man to be like that. Well, i am not like that. I can be loving and r
  5. AnthonyFraser


    Man kann sich auch als Notlösung selbst einen Nachnamen geben. Mein Username ist AnthonyFraser und ich hab den DN dann als "Anthony Fraser" eingestellt. Das ist aber nur eine Notlösung weil man sieht mich auf dem Radar immer noch als "AnthonyFraser Resident".
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