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  1. Are these still going on? Thank you!!! jo
  2. Hi, I am curious, how did this work out? I am brand new at real estate matters on SL. You purchased a castle, could I ask how much it cost? So you also must purchase land. Meanwhile, can you keep something huge like that in your inventory? Do you have pay some kind of monthly 'appaisal' in addition? Are there any good guides about getting into virtual real estate? Thanks! zo
  3. LOL! Thanks everybody! Well, does anyone have any experiencw with the penises of Jaquelyn Beaumont? I saw them advertised. They seem reasonably priced; do you happen to know if they are good ones? Thanks! ZO
  4. Hello, everyone! Sorry for what must be a frequent question, but I am newly a premium member, and I want to get a good **bleep**. Could you refer me to a good previous thread, or make suggestions? I currently have a Delight **bleep**, which was free. Comes with a HUD- but the HUD seems to let others interact with my **bleep**, but I cannot cause it to be erect, for instance. Could anyone recommend any very good penises that my avatar, Zappa, can make erect? I am especially looking for animated penises, not just [Zappa licks Zappa's **bleep**] text, if possible. Thanks!!! ZO
  5. I use a MacBook Pro, with OS LIon, which has a touchpad, not a mouse. I am not sure I have a "right click." I can sometimes touch objects in Second Life, but today I was trying to open a box to put clothes on my avatar. But I could not touch it in such a way to open the menu (SIt/ touch/ move/ etc). Instead, whenever I touched the box, I started pushing it around, or worse, I put the box on and wore it sort of like a barrel! What do I do?
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