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  1. Thanks to everyone.... I will try and "Abandon" the Linden Premium home and hopefully this will do the trick.... Minutes later... Back again and this didnt work as the Land is shown as owned by one of the Lindens....that is right clicking on the land....its a Lindon Home at Rana Ridge....I will try raising a Ticket so the Admins etc can take a look........
  2. Hi, following instructions to down grade to Basic from Premium and its giving an error that I still own 512 ms of land, to release it.... BUT I have sold the only land I owned and the system shows I seem to "own" the Premium land/house I called Tuakau....which I understood came "free" with the Premium membership when I signed up for that years ago now.... Help as I am now confused as to how to clear, abandon etc the apparent 512 ms I apparently still own?? Thanks....Wirimu Dale
  3. Thanks bigmoe.... any tech advice from LindenLabs?? I was hoping they would enable this so we can start using it etc.... I still need to upgrade to a new PC for MR and VR.....mainly around the recent graphics cards that support MR VR output....
  4. Just searched here and no results....soooooo I have been watching recently new reviews (YouTube) on Windows Mixed Reality and the new headsets being developed and now sold for this.... Can anyone from Linden Lab advise what they may be doing etc...to enable this in Second Life....one has a field of view of about 210 degrees!! very immersive... which means a much more engaging and immersive experience in Second Life... The headsets are much cheaper than Oculus etc and only require one lead attached to your PC... Headtracking is done off the headset itself using two vid-cams bu
  5. Its a shame they havent enabled this...I have a pair of the red/cyan glasses and FSX and YouTube run great!!!.....being abke to do this in Second Life would make it 10 times better!!....Rgds...Wiremu...:matte-motes-big-grin:
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