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  1. Are you looking for new way to update your profile picture! Are you wanting a sensual picture doing of you and your partner! Then look no further than Sereh Studio's where we strive for quality and excellence on all our images. PRICES: ✩★✩★✩★ INDIVIDUAL PHOTOS✩★✩★✩★ 1 Image $500L 3 Images $1200L 5 Images $2200L 10 Images $4700 (best value) ✩★✩★ COUPLE /GROUP PHOTOS✩★✩★✩ 1 Image $600L 3 Images $1500 5 Images $2700 10 Images $5700 (best value) **Add $100 per person for every avi over 2 avatars in a group. The studio does not refund any deposits. If the scheduled appointment is canceled, pending on the circumstance it will be rescheduled. You will be given the chance to preview your images before final purchase. No modifications will be made after final payment is made. A deposit of all image shoots is mandatory and will be half of the full amount of the packages chosen. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.
  2. Thank you everyone for you advice To be honest i've used Gimp before and i never really liked the interface, it's very clunky and i like my boxes to by the edge of my screen and to stay there not everytime i load up to move them appropriately lol. Well i guess it's settled i'll install the copy of CS2 i have and practice and learn how to use it Any good tutorials anyone can recommend to get me started, baring in mind i'll be just using it for photography purposes. Thanks Sereh xxx
  3. I've been considering keeping Paint Shop Pro on my computer or installing a copy of Photoshop instead. Now i've not really used Photoshop much mainly i used to use PSP back when i did a little clothing tweaking for Sims games but my father kindly gave me his older copy of CS2 back when he upgraded to CS5 So i'm sort of wondering which would be better to keep on PSP or PS? Which is more user friendly? Which has the better tutorials floating around? I'll be mainly using it to edit images i've taken in SL not any type of clothing creation or anything.
  4. I'm so sorry everyone i haven't checked on this in awhile. I had a couple of RL things to sort through last week and completely forgot about this thread oops! Anyway i'll start replying now! I'll have a look at the RP section of the Forum and see what it says My interests well in RL i guess you could say i enjoy reading alot, typically romance novels by authors such as Sherrilyn Kenyon, Amanda Ashley, Christine Feehan etc. I enjoy a massive range of music from Rock to RnB to Pop and Dance. Games i'm a massive gamer i enjoy such games like Final Fantasy, Sims, Discworld, Monkey Island, Broken Sword, Settlers. I enjoy TV aswell i watch Supernatural, Chuck, NCIS, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist etc. Those are the types of things i tend to do in RL other than the typical visit family etc. I'll have a wander through the Community guide aswell so thank you Pussycat! Hi Randall, that well ummm sounds interesting and different and hey even if i don't enjoy it rofl i'll least look into it. I tend to enjoy things that are not the norm
  5. Thanks for the suggestions so far everyone! Well shopping is fun don't get me wrong, i love making my avatar cute but it starts costing RL money after awhile which i'm limited to spend (personal reasons and all that). So i guess i'm looking for things to do on the side. Some sound awesome to try but some not so much, i've never really been one for live music events, art etc but exploring and that Linden Realms might be loads of fun. I'm a bit of a gamer geek in RL, mainly playing alot of RPG's like Final Fantasy, Oblivion, Risen to name a few. The reason i joined SL was to try something different to be honest, but if i could find something that coinsides with maybe a little gaming that would be fun. So i guess my next question is what do the gamer types in SL do, if there are any lol?
  6. Hi everyone, so after seeing a bunch of the SL adds scattered around on various websites i finally took the plunge and joined up. I've pretty much i think gotten a hang of the basics of movement, clothing, unpacking boxes etc and even kitted my avatar out with a few freebies using some blogs i found via a little google searching. Only thing is now i've basically dressed my avatar up, done a lil shopping i'm well at a blank on what to do next. What kind of things does everyone on SL actually get upto because well shopping gets a little boring after awhile lol
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