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  1. Hi I'm not applying for a job but how do u have a wedding I'm very confused how pleas answer back i need to know so i can tell my feonsay thanks so much.
  2. Hi my name is Brigget and i want to apply for a job as a model i have no experience and i really need a job hope u consider my application thanks alot Brigget:smileyvery-happy: Ayumi Starfall wrote: Hello, you can call me Dylan, allow me to give a brief summary of what I'm looking for and my qualifications. As far as modeling goes, I am more than willing to pose for hours on end in certain skins, shape, clothing, etc. No prior experience there, but I am a fast learner and willing to do whatever it takes to get/keep the job. No prior dancing experience either, however I am quite the people person and I love to engage others into a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. I'd have no problem greeting others, being cheerful, and dancing the hours away. Roleplay experience: I have been roleplaying for 9+ years now, and am more than willing to answer questions or teach others new creative writing skills. Willing to teach one-on-one or a small group of people.
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