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  1. I haven't got a huge amount to process, but well over the amount to cover fees and such. I have a green check mark in the Tilia account box meaning I'm good to go, yet the Process Credit button remains pale, and non clickable. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Well I finally stopped getting the 'item <xyz> not in database, however, I'm still a cloud. Wearing a 'bald cap' still hasn't fixed the cloud issue. Everything is showing in inventory.
  3. Not only have I reinstalled that, I have recently reinstalled linux on that pc and that's when my problems began. The problem is, because of the packager for most linux viewers is using new toolchain and GCC++ libs, the newer viewer builds just won't work on my pc.
  4. Everything is showing up in my inventory and I just recently wore what I'm currently wearing (body and skin only). I was able to change to the new baphonet goat on another viewer however singularity is not connecting to the database for some reason.
  5. For 2 days I have been able to log in, but no matter what I'm wearing, it tells me it can't be found. I have http inventory enabled but I'm still a cloud as nothing is shown as in the database. What can I do?
  6. Hello, I'm UniQue Serrao, clan leader of the LGH clan "The Potheads". We also have a group 'inworld' and chat is broken again. Can someone look into it please? Thanks
  7. I'm a 62 Year old living in the state of Alabama, have payment info on file, as I have had for years... Took out info, added info back in and still can't get to a gaming sim to fish... How long does this take???
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