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  1. YES! there are a few of us die-hard RPers still active with RP tues & weds evenings. we'd be ecstatic to have you join in. the estate group is Pandora Planet HomeHeartSpirit...three regions and 5 RP groups [Omatikaya, Txampay Pongu, and Txe'lan ''Olo (Na'vi), and RDA or UN/Civilian (humans)]. Yes, there is conflict, but not so much battle as "culture shock". the humans have returned to Pandora, many years after the war that sent them back to Sol. Still the attempts at aquisition by the RDA and the Corporations that employ them, but also a seeking of knowledge by the UN Science teams doing research and actively attempting to preserve the ecological balance. for more information, or just to browse around...here is the SLURL to our welcome center: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pegase/134/208/1207
  2. i bought an existing sim from another owner...transfer of title is completed, but the estate is named with the SIM name. i wanted to name the estate something else, as i have plans to add to the estate... how do i change the estate name (and not change the sim name)?
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