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  1. I also get this and have done for a long time too. I put in so many support tickets and the last I was told my graphics card is incompatible which I used for a long time but hey things move on I guess. I use a NVIDIA GeForce GT220 1 GIG. I tried all the usual stuff uninstalling and deleting all references to SL but to no avail. I even wiped my hard drive to see if that would fix it but it didnt. So I can go on but for only a minute or so before Im logged out if Im lucky, I even bought premium membership thinking that would help but it didnt so until I buy my next desktop... who knows not me
  2. I took your link but I got nothing again:(
  3. I have had similar problems and i tried reformating my harddrive, removing registry entries, and asking the lindens for help and this has gone on for months!!!
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