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  1. Out of my 4 accounts only my main had gotten the email as that's the only account that I sell lindens on and pull it out. Normally I see their emails 2-3 times when they're sent out. You won't have to provide your SS# unless you're pulling cash from the tilia otherwise the only thing you have to do is accept the ToS for the tilia as we use it for MP purchases and linden purchases as well.
  2. The tilia we're already are using for this. I just paid my land tier with my tilia balance, I had cashed out lindens to cover it. It'll still happen just fine but to process the fee, it sounds like we'll have to log onto our tilia accounts to move that USD balance over to whatever place we then want it to go. The cashout fees aren't changing since the last fee increase not too long ago. Another user in the second life commerce group that I am in had found where they had stated the fees. It's still 3.5% on the lindex then another 5% processing fee. Right and the inactivity charge is if the balance itself hasn't increased or decreased since it was put in there for 12 months since the deposit. I gave the tilia ToS a quick scan through but will be reading it more in detail later. You shouldn't be charge a fee as you aren't holding a balance on the Tilia.
  3. The only thing you would have to watch out for is the inactivity but that shouldn't be an issue since your fees will come out every month for premium/land and you'll be adding to it. It's not like the balance is sitting there untouched. You'll won't need to provide anything as you aren't taking the balance from the tilia and moving it to your bank account or paypal. All you're doing with it is using it back within secondlife. Technically we are already using the tilia and they're just pushing out the last few steps. You should be fine and pretty much unaffected by the new change.
  4. Not yet sure if anyone has replied to this yet but we have already been using the tilia all over secondlife. Marketplace purchases have been using it since they had redid how our purchases were made and the tilia is already on our accounts for those that have been cashing it. They switched it over when they had moved where we find the link for the process credit on the account overview. They're now just making it official and doing the last few steps of enacting it.
  5. 3072m2 grassland on a quiet sim for sale. It has 1054 prims with an asking price of 4000L$. I can also rent it out upon request. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Taravista/78/238/45
  6. It was never implied. You're taking it that way because you feel attacked. That's your problem not mine. This whole thread is mainly just an opinion piece and really a good bit of it can be taken as personal attacks if you decide to take it that way.
  7. I never said it was. You're putting words into my mouth that were never there and taking it a bit too personally.
  8. That's good for you and I'm glad that it makes you happy. But in my personal opinion no one should depend on sl as it can be shut down or they can shut down at any given point and what would you do then? You can't really use them as a job reference. You'll have more skills, yes but no reference. It's just my personal opinion, don't take it so personally.
  9. Well one could always just leave on their tilia what LL takes out for land and account fees and take out the rest for whatever you may need it for irl. That's what I do but I also work as well irl so I don't depend on what I make from sales on here.
  10. Well mesh body parts already start off around 1,000L$ and above, many aren't in love with it to want to spend that at once plus they'll need a whole new wardrobe. It's a lot to swallow. Well the problem here is the fact that Linden Labs doesn't have to offer us the option of cashing anything out. They can also get rid of that option whenever they please or even shut down their service. For those reasons, second life should never be anyone's main source of income as it's not always grantee that it will be around in another 5 or so years. Hell even a very popular and only good mobile app has been pulled from the third party viewers site as well as google's play store as the creator of it has been MIA for awhile and it's not supported.
  11. No one can tell a merchant what to do. What everyone is really doing is stating their opinions. All of this can go about in many different ways and depending on your target market it'll differ on how well any change you do will go with them. Heck you could discontinue a product, release something a bit like the discontinued item but much better and not offer upgrades on it. Some will be upset and others will go ahead and buy the new product as they understand. Everything is pretty much 50/50 on how people take it. That's the way of the world. Every merchant is going to handle this increase differently as well. I disagree a little bit here. SL will be a poorer place due to how little they expand our platform, fix what's already broken and advertise their own system. I don't hear much from Linden Labs on secondlife on the web. I see blogs from other people and all which is great but if they really want to bring in more people then they'll need to advertise, maybe even in the magazines and t.v. commercials. I have to explain what Second Life is to many people when they ask me what I do for fun and after awhile you just end up saying "I play on a virtual world, it's pretty fun". The problem here is that there are a lot of virtual worlds out there with a bit more coverage and those are the ones that they'll think of.
  12. People will still eat there. Minimal wage is going up, McDonalds said that they were going to get rid of their cashiers and put in self check-outs which they did. The older customers complained about it, they kept one register for those who pay with cash or would rather go to them to order their food. I pay $2 more for my meal now then what I did last year. We all adjust to it. I'm was playing around with numbers and cashing out, for me, it's not that much of a difference. For the bigger merchants who file their secondlife income on their taxes, they have already stated that it'll be added in with their taxes. I want to say that the ones who are effected the most by it are those who are living off of their income from their sales, it'll just make things a little bit tougher for them and a bit more work to get things where they need it.
  13. Well as I read the post that Fox wants a source for, she's pretty much is saying that many people on average are spending that much but there really is no data for that and she should source something like that when she's adding in other people and not just herself. I am a hobby creator and I have some breedables that I do. I cash out when I have enough to cover some unexpected bills irl or I keep it on my account to cover my tier and such. I know that some creators just write off those fees when they do their taxes as some have stated within the secondlife marketplace commerce group. Everything increases over time and I'm looking into processing fees and all that as I'm going to be opening my own bakery. Processing credit cards is not cheap at all and the fees is different for each card type which is why some cards aren't accepted by smaller merchants. There are about 14 groups that I'm in that I don't really need and could drop without an issue which would put me below 35 groups. As a premium member, I don't need 70 groups as I've never been one to be in a ton of groups to start off with. As a small merchant, I don't even bother with a store group, I do a subscriber instead. It saves everyone a space and lets be honest here, I don't send out a lot of notices anyways so my group would be one of the first few to be dropped. I am happy that the land is getting cheaper, I have always wanted to own a full sim to play around with and that is starting to be closer to my price range. The cash out fee is a pain but it's easy to offset. Most merchants already have their MP items a bit more expensive then what it is inworld due to the fee that the MP takes out per sale. As a consumer, I don't mind when prices are increased as it doesn't change the quality of the work. I already love the store and will drop a good bit during my shopping sprees as those are the places where I'll stop at first. Stores come and go based on how much time that person has to spend on it and how their offline life is becoming. I already know of a few systems inworld who have been slowly raising prices as they grow before all of this and people still shop like crazy there. I haven't heard or seen any complaints about it from them.
  14. It also depends on how you filter it and how you want the results to be arranged on your page. I sometimes go from lowest to highest within a certain price range that I'm willing to spend during that particular shopping spree. If there's an inworld store, I may also go there to see if they have more products that aren't listed and to see if there are any displays or demos so that I can better see the item. Sometimes the marketplace is just another search for a good bit of consumers so you may get a lot of views but not sales from the MP as they may be buying it from you inworld instead.
  15. Tags are mainly just for you. No one really pays attention to them and some people even have that option turned off within their viewer. I for one pay no attention to what tag someone has over their head.
  16. Why else would you have an alt. The only thing I would add on to it is a bank alt for storing some of your lindens so that you don't spend it all. From a merchant point of view we have alts to help test our buildings, for the store and things of that sort. Roleplayers have alts for the different areas that they like to RP in. All of those accounts can be in different groups and I agree with what @Fox Wijaya said. Groups weren't meant for how they're used now and groups do send out a lot more notices now then what they did before and many of them are the same notices within a bunch of different groups. As a consumer, I only need 3 or 4 discount groups if I was to join them as a few stores are in more then one of them to begin with. So if you just join the big major ones then the smaller ones are technically also covered as some merchants join all of the ones that are out there. So you'll go to their store for the fifty-five Fridays deal or whatever and will see the other deals as well that they have going on. Even the gotcha and midnight mania groups, would only need 2-4 of those as the same messages get posted in all of the ones that whoever is posting it is also in. So the ones with the most ACTIVE users are the ones that you'll want to join. Groups should be cleaned up and have the inactive users removed and those with deleted accounts as well. Group members don't load up after they hit x amount of people so if it's a merchant group and you need help from a csr, you wouldn't be able to do it the fast and easy way via the group members list if they aren't listed within their store (which may be full from a sale that they have going on) so you'll end up posting a message within the group and it may or may not get answered as that csr may be busy in their IM's helping others.
  17. Groups have always been an iffy thing. The settings for them will sometimes act like you didn't select or deselect it. I won't receive notices from groups that I tell it to and I'll be online when they're set or group IMs will open for groups that I've turned that off for. I personally prefer subscribers or I will just pop back into the store from time to time.
  18. @Mollymews Well a lot of those groups also have subscribers so you can join that instead and get the same information sent out within the group via a notecard. It's a lot less to go through at once and you're less likely to have your offline messages capped from all of the notices sent out.
  19. Well businesses raise their prices every year. McDonalds does it, Burger King, grocery stores. We all still pay the price as we gotta eat or wear clothing. It is what it is and it's apart of the economy. There will always be a few who decide to not pay it and there will be those who are loyal who will still keep shopping. Either way, nothing will change as those who won't pay it probably wouldn't keep coming back to you anyways. I know that some items have increased at my favorite shops slowly over time and I still shop there. I enjoy their products and I'm willing to pay that price. It doesn't change the quality of the work a single bit and some of it I believe is too cheap personally.
  20. Actually most groups are useless as most of us just want the notices and a subscriber would get that done. IF more merchants offer subscribers we'll be fine but a good bit have gotten rid of theirs or had stopped using the one that they do have. I don't join many groups to start off with and they will still have more groups then what I did when I had joined SL. A good bit of groups aren't even active anymore so it's easy to downsize if you really want to. Lets be honest here, some merchant groups have become ad groups which are spam a good bit by different creators every hour and those groups are left in a hurry. It depends on the user and what they want to do on if it would hurt the creator. The only thing that would really effect them is the pay to join groups. I personally don't join those unless I really love the store as I know that most aren't that active after awhile or they don't send out as many notices as they could depending on how active the creator is with pushing out new products.
  21. 3072m2 grassland on a quiet sim for sale. It has 1054 prims with an asking price of 6500L$. I can also rent it out upon request. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Taravista/78/238/45
  22. @animats The problem with using the object name, it gets changed when the same thing is in there so I'll still will probably have to keep changing the script to get it to notice that the second item is no longer there since it's name now has a 1 after it. I also don't want the object to tell me when it's empty. I'm at my shop almost every day, I can just look at it and see. I don't want another thing sending me IM's. My vendors already do that. What will be inside of the rezzers isn't as important for me to know when it's empty no matter where I am but when I get there to see it. Also the objects inside of my rezzer are scripted. They're food items for the farming system. I have a script that I can toss to you so that you can see the functions that I want, all I want more from that freebie script is to be able to set the rotation so that you can actually see what it is better from where I have it placed out within my shop.
  23. @animats Yeah, I want it to count the inventory inside so that I know when it's empty upon glance and I also know that the state is probably wrong for what I want. All I really did was combined scripts together. With my scripting knowledge, all I can do is edit a script, I can't actually write one on my own.
  24. @Wulfie Reanimator I know that the script can't make more copies of it. I'm putting copies in it. I'm selling items created by a farming system. I have a script that will rez out another object from inside of the inventory but it also won't allow me to edit it so that I can change the object rotation upon rez. This is what I currently have: string inventory; string object; vector relativePosOffset = <0.0, 0.0, 0.2>; vector relativeVel = <0.0, 0.0, 0.0>; rotation relativeRot = <0.707107, 0.0, 0.0, 0.707107>; integer startParam = 0; float scanDistance = 2.0; float SCAN_INTERVAL = 5.0; integer items_contained; string name; CountItems() { items_contained = llGetInventoryNumber( INVENTORY_ALL ); --items_contained; } SayCount() { name = llGetObjectName(); llSetText(name + "\n" + "Has " + (string)items_contained + " items.", <0.0,1.0,0.0>, 1 ); } default { touch_start(integer count) { object=llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_OBJECT,0); //get name of the 1st object in inventory vector myPos = llGetPos(); rotation myRot = llGetRot(); vector rezPos = myPos+relativePosOffset*myRot; vector rezVel = relativeVel*myRot; rotation rezRot = relativeRot*myRot; llRezObject(object, rezPos, rezVel, rezRot, startParam); //rez the 1st object } state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent(0.5); } on_rez(integer total_number) { CountItems(); SayCount(); llSetObjectDesc("Has " + (string)items_contained+ " items."); } timer() { CountItems(); SayCount(); llSetObjectDesc("Has " + (string)items_contained+ " items."); } }
  25. edit: I had gotten help inworld from a friend. She helped me to build a new script to work the way that I want it to. I have made an object rezzer script that also has an inventory counter inside of it. It's written to also rez the object on a certain rotation. What I can't seem to get it to do is to rez another object when the first object is no longer in range. I have tried plugging in bits from a modify script that I had found to no avail and I've tried parts of the code for a visitor counter but with my limited LSL abilities, I'm not able to rewrite it correctly. I need help with getting it to scan within a 5 meter range for the object in the inventory (only one item in it, it's no copy to me) and to rez out another one when none is in range. I've been on every LSL library that I know of and every sensor based topic I have found thus far is in reference to a visitor counter which doesn't help me. Help please! Can provide code of what I have already if needed.
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