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  1. It may be helpful to the thread starter and to all other newcomers that approach this sim if you were to upload a picture of the outfit you wore. A great many things might be deemed inappropriate on a fantasy sim, including the use of makeup or "physical enhancements" such as tangos or phat booties. At the very least, the starter of this thread (who I presume is part of the staffing) will have a better idea how to approach speaking to whichever mod it was that spoke to you.
  2. jujmental wrote: JaedenDelanaire wrote: a passive aggressive God. I'm sure such a thing exists. Just sure of it. On the charge of cluttering up the already competitive cut-price spirituality market with yet another individual religion: Guilty © The Judge And here's a relevant hymn you can sing along to in the church inside your head. We just became friends. I don't care what your opinion is on the matter, I'm taking you in as a friend. You've just been friend-raped. ... Possibly proving what you just mentioned about anti-social behaviors attracting friends, but whatevs.
  3. I didn't totally miss what she said. ... Not totally. :smileyembarrassed: I'm not sure how I missed it that badly, either. I'm going to falsely blame it on wine. Let me rephrase: If she's renting out rooms in her castle sim, then it's not out of the question to ask for rent money, so long as they get the option to decorate their room however they please. Incidentally, getting to rent out a sizable area for a castle with only 5000 linden is dirt cheap compared to what I faced when I tried my hand at renting good fantasy estate. jujmental wrote: On the same basis you might say Jeffrey Dahmer was quite an inventive chef. © The Judge It's a stretch to compare finne dommes to a rapist, murderer and cannibal. They're not that bad--hell, the most any of them will do is webcam with you.
  4. jujmental wrote: JaedenDelanaire wrote: you'll catch more flies using honey instead of vinegar. You can catch even more flies with the extensive dispersal of poison. It works for me. © The Judge Well played. :matte-motes-big-grin: But now you're giving me flashbacks of accidentally walking into those dirty, dead fly ridden yellow sticky pages that dear ol' Mum would leave laying about the house.
  5. Fascinating article! But I imagine most people involved in an MMORPG of any sort will know Mckellen as Magneto, or as the article mainly recognizes, Gandalf. It's a pity the subject was brushed over with a quote. I'm not entirely sure I'd mind being on Hopkins's menu... I'd at least let him have my ring finger.
  6. If she's renting out parcels on her land for 5000 linden a month (what is that, 20 dollars?), then so long as the prim count and land piece is decently sized then I don't see the problem for what it is that she's asking--especially if she's going to provide domme services on top of that. If they get to take up prim count at all, then depending on the prim count they receive, then it's still a reasonable price paying rent is reasonable if domme services are considered. It's just unfortunate that the only submissives she desires are the ones that will take up rent with her, if we were to judge the post solely by its wording. There's nothing terribly shameful for it, it's just not impressive. All this finne domme hate is rather amusing. They're not that bad of a lot, and some are even quite lovely individuals.
  7. jujmental wrote: May I point out that I have quoted authorities that had a verifiable physical existence. On the charge of raising fictitious red herrings while posing as an online trick cyclist: Guilty. Yea, GUILTY! Get her!!! ... Er.. Wait. No, no, stop! Get the Ru--er, I mean, Judge instead. And yes, he does have a bit of a God complex, but one of a passive aggressive God. I'm sure such a thing exists. Just sure of it. Hopefully OP is meeting and greeting with people just fine by this point.
  8. jujmental wrote: Not under this name, you haven't. Hiding some dirty secret, are you? © The Judge I have many dirty secrets, my dear Rudi. :matte-motes-evil: So, when am I going to get my sexy sentencing? 'Cause like, I gotta itch I need to scratch, and you're kinda' keeping me behind on schedule. As for the spelling error, I thought we already ascertained I'm unreliable. I can't be this beautiful AND attentive, it just doesn't work! So, back to what I was saying: P.S. How about an SL date sometime? I know this beach... ______________________________________________________ On the discussion topic, it occurred to me within the last five seconds that the question could be taken to a real world level. In my local community I've met several transgender indentified people, one or two women with all the feminine anatomy parts that indentified strictly as male, and to whom it was important to be indentified as a man--and many more men who wanted to be identified as young women. Sadly, I was always incapable of seeing them as the gender they desired to be taken as. Not that I wouldn't treat them and title them as such, but mentally I couldn't reconcile the visual impact of their person with what they were supposed to be.
  9. Aww, Tex, don't take anything that pretentious lemon of a Judge states seriously. He's a patootie. You gave good solid advice. It's cliche and oversaid so often because it's true.
  10. We're both available for snuggling! :matte-motes-big-grin:
  11. Since this appears to be a thread dedicated to offering advice on profile creation, I'll add my two cents: you'll catch more flies using honey instead of vinegar. So often I see profiles and picks marred with negativity and aggression. Stating phrases such as, "Mess with my friends and I'll mess with you!!" or "Why don't you just contact me if you want to know more?" or "Don't need haters, drama, griefers," etc. will do nothing to guard you from the very people you're attempting to ward off, and it puts off others who might have proven to be a good match. Keep the rants off your profile and picks. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: Peace and love! Peace and love! Peace and love! ::chants!::
  12. CNikki993 wrote: So yeah... to fit under this category, I'm looking for friendships. What type of friends are you looking for, what interests should they possess that align with yours, and which time periods should they most frequently log in at? Go back and edit your OP with the answer to all of these questions for better luck in finding the appropriate friends. :matte-motes-big-grin: Friends are discovered through common interests. Incidentally, anti-social behavior is NOT a trait you should flaunt about in hopes to find friends. Perhaps introverted is the word you're looking for. :matte-motes-wink-tongue:
  13. Mon Tissu and Celoe have styles that (kind of?) mimic what can be found at Cold Logic. They're on the same sim, Mayfair. The Secret Store and Teefy are both on the same sim. A few similar clothing choices to Cold Logic, but the theme runs more to cutesy and vintage. Monso is a smaller store with styles geared more toward young college adult, but their stuff is great and worth supporting. Heck, I still wear some of their sculpty stuff from way back in the day. Collabor88 and FaMeshed are both a veritable mall of sorts where upcoming stylists and stylists that are already a 'thing' can be discovered. The clothing offered has always been within good tastes. Unfortunately, if you keep up with both these locations you'll often find yourself wearing the same mesh garments as everyone else--at least for the first week when both stores put out new releases. The selection changes monthly, so it's good to keep a mind to always come back in the middle of each new month.
  14. Oh lawdy. You jumped on your alt account after deleting your last post? The spelling errors weren't that bad. I mean, goodness, there is an edit button. :matte-motes-big-grin: jujmental wrote: I will take up The Farquhar's cudgel at this point, and reiterate the accuracy of his viewpoint, that this thread is actually dealing with the kneejerk reactions of people ... © The Judge I've never claimed differently, so why are we using the word actually? Go back to being Rudi, this persona of yours isn't as good with words. Plus... I think Rudi and I kinda' had something. jujmental wrote: ...to having one unverifiable position statement made by an anonymous person replaced by a contradictory, yet still unverifiable, position statement. © The Judge Your grasp on literary terms is lacking. Go look up what a position statement is and reread the original post. This thread was never an arguement; it's an open ended question free to be answered and remarked upon by anyone who has interest. The only person who started an arguement was you, because of an asinine disagreement you held over the question's wording. ... And Drake1, he brought up an arguement as well, but I like him so he gets a free pass. Am I at least going to be sentenced to a sexy punishment? @ CJ Farina - I've reread your post twice and I can't find a single statement made that could be considered a slam. It was politely worded with observations I can testify toward. You know, I've played this game for some six years, and I've never once had an individual ask me to voice verify! I've always wondered if it's because I carry an effluvia of girlishness, or if it's because I haven't fished in the right sea (so to speak).
  15. I see your writing has deteriorated, dear Rudi / Mr. Hampton / whoever it is you are, and I feel hurt by your laziness and lack of spell check. Is this what our relationship means to you!? And no, you haven't explained it until a few posts previously. You've just been dedicating an inordinate amount of time to keeping up with a forum thread that you apparently deem silly, and to keeping up an assault on a poor widdle creature like me. I'm curious, which of your needs is being fulfilled by this conversation? For the record, I'm one of the dumbest chicks you'll come across, and my ability to logic correctly--yes, I'm using that word as a verb, for shame!--has always been severely compromised without the inclusion of alcohol. @Senobia - Thanks your for your input, sweetheart. :matte-motes-big-grin: Are you aware of why it matters to you in sexual based RP if there is a female playing a male avatar, beyond discomfort with the idea? Or is it something else, such as feeling inable to connect with the scene as emotionally as you'd be able to with a RL male dude? @ Klisties - I didn't mean to insinuate that's what you were stating; that was merely rambling on my part. Somehow I'd connected it in my head that people who are inflexibly hetero would avoid playing with members of their same sex (regardless of the avatar's gender used) in an erotic context (ERP, anybody? no?). I guess I failed to make that connection in text. Totally my bad. I was rattling off several thoughts that I had in tangent to what you'd stated, so for that confusion I apologize. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: And as for what I'd mentioned about it being rather harsh to tell people that they shouldn't participate in their hobbies, I can't claim that I was strictly referring to RP sims (perhaps RP in general), but the clarification is nice. However, further on clarification, this thread isn't dealing with the inability to separate IC and OOC. It's more for people who intrinsically feel different playing with other characters based on their RL gender, regardless of how capable they are at separating the information cognitively.
  16. It's safer to suggest that people send you notecards. This way all messages are most assuredly saved to your inventory, though you may not always receive the notice for them. Just get in a habit of keeping your notecard folder clean and checking it each time you log in for the day. It's a bit like having your own in world e-mail. Good luck with your search!
  17. ... I... What? ... Whaaaaaat? I don't even... What? --Quoth the Jaeden in response to Love Juice Island.
  18. I'm not entirely sure how a personal statement somehow applies to the masses, but mmm-kay, I'll let you think that, Daddy-O. And yes, I'm quite slow. You should see my record times on getting out a pose when I'm aroused. It trickles out like molasses, I tell ya'. But let's be clear; that is the first time within this thread that you've clearly explained your objection to the question's existence while providing helpful feedback in the same breath. Until this point you've been nitpicking and wandering off topic with your own personal life history and direct insults. Now that you're at least on topic I find conversing with you rather enjoyable. In your picture album you have the picture of a Greg James Neil who is a current staff member in the Psychology department of South Hampton. For what reason you've used this picture, I cannot care to fathom. I'm quite honored at your dabble in RP on this thread. Not too many people favor me with such a sample. Unfortunately (unfortunately because to experience the full exchange would be amusing), I imagine in most cases the conversation would stop at the third sentence. The way it plays out most times is Character A spots Character B, Character A finds an appreciation for Character B's shape and/or recently written pose, Character A browses Character B's profile and finds a writen disclosure in the Picks or 1st tab, "OH, by the way, I'm actually a _____" and Character A decides to not to engage based on that alone.
  19. I've lurked on forums far more than I've posted. I've always been quite gleeful to spot your responses to any topic. I think you're being overtly sensitive (though in turn, perhaps I'm being insensitive), and unless you relate to not having a gender at all, I'm not entirely sure why. You seem to quite happily own a male identity. The usage of the word 'its' had no more thought to it than being used as a filler for all the names of species and unknowns that could be substituted.
  20. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: This is probably the most condescending thing I have read recently. Furries, transgenders and ITS?!?!? Its?!? WTF?? Talk about demeaning. So, in your tiny world Furries and Transgender people can only "shine" when others don't know their RL gender? And as for ITS... I believe the term you are looking for and failed so miserably to find is androgynous. ITS.. You need help. Oh my gosh, this is by far one of the more amusing points of my week. Where were you before, Drake1? I was waiting for you to come over. :matte-motes-big-grin: Why do you think I meant androgynous? What if I was referring to robots? Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Aside from all that, who gives a tinkers damn what gender anyone is in RL? I don't plan on running away with anyone I meet in SL no matter how much we "click." Your sentimenst echo my own in this regard, which is why I'm baffled when it occurs. RL gender doesn't matter over the internet. If you've seen the Dr. Phil segment on Catfish, it's appallingly easy to trick other people into thinking you're whatever gender you want to portray yourself as. That's why I'm interested in knowing why people make the conscious decision to avoid others based on their claimed RL gender.
  21. RudolphFarquhar wrote: JaedenDelanaire wrote: You're assuming that most people need assurance beyond basic disclosure and occasionally voice verification (which is laughably easy to fake) to begin making their first impressions. They don't. I'm not assuming it. I agree that people are that naively stupid. I am saying that revising your OP, to acknowledge the idiocy of believing everything that you are told online, would render the question you pose as redundantly nonsensical. **********Rudi********** This is possibly the only thing you've stated in this thread that I can agree with, now that I understand which field you're coming from. It's a non-issue to begin with and almost pointless to talk about, but I've never claimed that this question or any conversation that spawns because of it would or should have impact. Psychology may be your profression, Mr. Southampton, but to an illiterate cashier who gets by on her 9 to 5, silly conversations like this are merely an amusing point to ponder over.
  22. I've finally been accepted!!! :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  23. I claim complete and total ignorance. If you would like to enlighten the rest of us on this obscure book, the floor is yours my darling Rudi. On the contrary, it has everything to do with one person not being good enough, that person being yourself. **********Rudi********** That there is actually a profound statement and I applaud you for it, despite whatever reason you might have had for wording it in that way direct way. However, using that assumption would be pathologizing every person involved in a polyamorous relationship, or anyone who forms a sexual or otherwise attachment / relationship with others, period.
  24. Anjevia wrote: Prejudiced may be a strong word in this context. Perhaps. I'm admittedly a touch more sensitive about others ragging on polyamory than most. :matte-motes-frown:
  25. Dresden Ceriano wrote: Sephina Frostbite wrote: I stand corrected however this is not the only mistake he does and feels he can condemn other people. Like I said. I'm not going to get sucked in. Thanks for the information Griffin and wish you the best of New years! But you have been sucked in... otherwise, you wouldn't keep replying. ...Dres Alas! The mark of a good troll: one that keeps you coming back for more, but he is admittedly far more fun than others I've encountered. I possibly get as much enjoyment replying to his calculated responses as I do eating a whole batch of raw cookie dough. I shouldn't... I really shouldn't... butohwhattheheck, I'll do it anyway!! As for Miss OP: Sweetheart, the world of copy right laws is a dark hell hole indeed, and it's best to keep such ideas and suggestions between yourself and close friends. Your biggest mistake was presenting this idea to a public forum, and while it is a fun idea, it's largely incriminating for anyone who agrees that, "Why yes! Yes, breaking these rules might be fun and harmless." There's no harm in playing with shapes to achieve likeness of your favorite celebrities. Heck, I have Aeryn Sun from Farscape and Simon Tam from Firefly shapes I've created in my inventory with matching unrelated skins that I made the shapes for--and I'm perfectly within my rights to go walking around in these strikingly similar copies so long as I don't outright claim for them to be either, and so long as I keep them private to myself without distributing them. But inviting people to have a Firefly party, or inviting people to have Farscape party for that matter, would be an invite for legal trouble.
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