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  1. NealCrz wrote: Ceera Murakami said, "I make it extremely clear to anyone who wants to have an in-world relationship with any of my avatars" LMAO, Id love to konw how many relationships youve had at once? I did have a girl approach me one time telling me her main was partnered and her ALT was single. I said your ALT won't be hooking onto me either! I believe Ceera made it painfully clear (without having to spell it out herself) that she is an RPer, and that her avatars are merely her characters. The only people she'd be getting in a relationship with are people who understand that the relationship is fictional story. But... I disagree with Ceera's view that most of SL plays that way, despite the trend seeming more popular in furry communities. Many people separate IC and OOC in SL, and the few who don't, the few who are 24/7 IC, are the people I try to avoid. ... If only because I object to being nonconsensually included in someone's RP. Actually. I disagree with a lot of the things she's said. My experiences have been nearly an exact opposite. Humans are no different behind a monitor screen than they are IRL. People cheat and lie to each other all the time regardless whether or not they have an easier medium to do it over. People are easily validated and verifiable since advent microphone and webcams, and if you spend enough time being personal with each other you come to know exactly 'what's' up terms of their honesty and reliability. Anyway, throwing yourself into any sort of search for a relationship is the wrong way to do it, and it's only by actively seeking that the simile for the giant orgy pit becomes accurate. Relationships happen organically through friendships, and those are quite often accidental, but they do occur all the time, and there are too many success anecdotes floating out there for it to be a 'rare' thing.
  2. Syo Emerald wrote: I don't know what you would call decent, . . . :smileyvery-happy: (And yes, I'm intentionally pulling that line out of context.)
  3. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Perrie Juran wrote: Kobald, the aggressive, galling goblin of the septic tank hatched somewhere around 20 years ago..... The Prince of all Goblins Jareths kid really let himself go. Can't we just pretend that the manga sequel never happened?
  4. Former subs / bottoms / slaves / whatever are often the best kind of doms / tops / whatevers. :matte-motes-big-grin: Joining an active group (for example, The Dominion) that centers of Domme eductation may help you further to become that which you see yourself as. Being frank, unless you're an RPer or have designs to find and become involved with your own local kink community at some point, there's no point to learning technique to implementing pain; poseball jumping has made masters of novices.However, having a fellowship of sisters and good sounding board for ideas and theories is always inspiring to the prowling domme within. Aside from the lack of compatible doms available for yourself, what prompted you to try out the other side of the fence?
  5. Interesting! Where did you live at the time, Innula? And what sort of religious affiliation did you and the people you associated with participate in? I was raised in the bible belt and there was a considerable amount of hate and, "That's not right," type mentality toward homosexuality when I was passing through grade school from sometime at the start of the 90's until just before Y2k. But the bible belt always has been about ten years slower than the rest of the world. :matte-motes-not-entertained:
  6. jwenting wrote: Or are they just out to grief those who don't like them? In some cases, yes. It hurts to be excluded, but it's even worse to be excluded for something you have no control over, and in the case of OP, insulted and flamed for it. The urge to respond in any capacity is an understandable one. For some people it's acceptable to turn the other cheek and say, "Whatever, I'm out." For other people, that's not enough--and there's nothing wrong with wanting to protest against bigotry. Aggressive homophobia, racism, and religious intolerance are issues that SHOULD be challenged. OP's original question was to question why the homophobia was present and how to ease it; OP has yet to state that he has any desire remain on those sims, but he has indicated that he wants retribution of some sort through LL's involvement, and has sought it by filing ARs against those that have privately attacked him. And still, I retain that homophobia shouldn't be a problem in Gor sims. If a man wants to behave like a woman in any capacity such as sexual preferences, then it should be as simple to handle as, "Okay. You want to degrade yourself to the level of womanhood? Have at it, little slave." and that would be that. It would even be acceptable for other men to be disgusted, and yes, homophobic of any male character who would do that. It is NOT okay to take that to a personal level and to attack the person behind the character. Besides. Homosexual behaviors even occur in animals, fuhcrissakes. You can't seriously claim that just because it isn't mentioned, that homosexuality isn't something that's cropped up in the Gor world? I honestly can't imagine a manly man master with a brothel of slave chiclets who hasn't at some point had his girls put on a show for him. Oh nos. Homosexuality. And let's keep in mind that these books were written at a time period where homosexuality was considered a mental illness. It wasn't exactly a popular subject. Edit: The problem I have with the question you wrote, jwenting, is that it hints that if you see something wrong that you shouldn't say anything about it. I don't like pedophilia, but if a group of pedophiles are partying free on their own private sim in Second Life, yes, I'm going to "grief" them and file an AR. I think it's important to remember that OP's problem is NOT that there was homophobia within the Gor world, but that people were attacking him in private IMs spitting langrel and vitriol in his direction, most likely because of their own RL homophobia.
  7. Ha. I think I liked your profile more than I care to admit. I'd like to add further warning to all others who go looking it up that they might feel a little dirty about their own personal affairs in life afterward. ... I kid! I kid! ... Mebbe. Anywho, I'll pass you a notecard in SL.
  8. Lmao, Janelle. That was awesome. :matte-motes-big-grin: The idea is interesting, to be sure, but you'll probably need to provide the land yourself if you can't find a furry RP sim already dedicated to this idea (I'd be surprised if there isn't). If you don't have the land then I'd suggest making it a forum based RP instead and advertise to appropriate furry crowds on other parts of the internet. That said, if it's just a private RP between two individuals, there's no reason why you can't visit a sim with the appropriate enivronment and simply RP in IMs between yourself and the other, while pretending that any human that happens across is a mutated furry.
  9. Innula Zenovka wrote: ...don't we also have to establish that RP sims in SL are "public accommodations" in US law? Not that I know much about US law, but I understand that was a key issue in the New Mexico case to which you refer, Elane Photography v Willock. No, you're exactly right. It would need to be established first, which may be a long stretched achievement, but I thought it was interesting food for thought and relevant to this topic, since most sims have a dedicated store within the intercepting lobby with objects and apparel that might be commonly found within the sim's theme.
  10. Incidentally. In 1964, Lester Maddox (the 75th Governor of Georgia) claimed that he wasn't a racist, but that the restaurant he owned was PRIVATE PROPERTY and therefore he could do what he wished with it. According to laws protecting against public discrmination, he was WRONG. From Wikipedia: Maddox became a martyr to segregationist advocates by leasing and then selling the restaurant to employees rather than agreeing to serve black customers. He claimed that the issue was not hostility to blacks but constitutional property rights. He even built a monument to "private property rights" near the restaurant. Maddox closed the Pickrick on August 13, and reopened the business on September 26 as the Lester Maddox Cafeteria, where he pledged to serve only "acceptable" Georgians. During a trial for contempt of court on September 29, Maddox argued against the charges because he was no longer offering service to out-of-state travelers or integrationists. On February 5, 1965 a federal court ruled that Maddox was in contempt of court for failing to obey the injunction and assigned fines of two hundred dollars a day for failing to serve African Americans. Maddox ultimately closed his restaurant on February 7, 1965 rather than integrate it; he claimed that President Lyndon Johnson and communists put him out of business. Last year the New Mexico Supreme Court affirmed a decision to sue a female photographer for refusing to photopraph a same-sex commitment ceremony in 2006. I'm sure I could dredge up other accounts, but point is, public discrimination laws are pretty wide spread, and it's not unreasonable to speculate or hope that LL might take those considerations with a little more weight. If there are logs of these sim owners SPECIFICALLY banning Perrin from their sims because he's a homosexual in real life, then that should be a reason for investigation. If it's because his character is homosexual, and therefore at conflict with the sim's theme--well, that's sort of a sketchy line that deserves thought as well.
  11. Q1: Why is there so much homophobia in Gorean RP? I'm going to go with the general flow of answers provided up until this point: all those macho-macho men have it in their itty bitty heads that men are the bees knees, entitled to receive two grilled cheese sandwiches when they ask for one and served on a platter of freshly shaved va-jay-jays. Homophobia by itself shouldn't be a threat, but feminine behaviors in men would be a straight up mockery of everything the iconic Gor man stands for. An effeminate male is to the common Gor man as an adulterous stripping nun is to a good, God-fearing Catholic--and let's be frank, if the dude wasn't a slave before he started being effeminate, in characterly in any realistic setting he'd be enslaved on those grounds alone. His shlong is pretty much wasted at that point, and it may as well be castrated so he can embrace the womanly lifestyle he has chosen thus far. So yes, I can imagine to those BTB individuals, your presence in their sim didn't fit their sim standards--and perhaps, not even their life standards. A shame. I think the idea of a stereotypical effeminate gay male slave would be a HILARIOUS one, especially if he were bought out by a chick or a straight dude. Q2: What can we do about it? Well. What makes the internet so wonderous and frightening at the same time is that it allows for isolated pockets of individuals to collect and share the same ideas, and homophobia is just one of the many topics that people like to barnacle up on. You could pass on a few digital pamphlets to your homophobic Gorean 'buddies' on how gays aren't responsible for AIDS and that there isn't a secret gay agenda, but it's questionable whether or not they'll take the time to read it, since they've already formed strong opinions over the subject. Most agendas to tackle homophobia start with school kids, in much the same way I imagine that racism and other such social issues are tackled. Grown adults are stubborn creatures and tend to only come around after they've had POSITIVE experiences with members of the gay community. When these BTB people feel threatened by your presence on their sim, then there's no room for a positive experience to be formed. Your presence is invasive and will continue to be so until it is removed. The best thing you can do is to exit the sim on your own accord, let the opposite side explain why they are upset, and then in a calm and collected manner, acknowledge that their opinion / view is valued even if only because it's their own, and that you'll respect it--and then, politely offer to explain your own persepctive. If they don't want to listen, that's cool. If they do--well, that's where change can happen, because that's when they're potentially going to be open minded.
  12. Joshhua, somehow I feel the person you were speaking to was stating that with a bit of tongue-in-cheek. :matte-motes-stress: This thread seems the equiv of me saying, "Okay guys, let's get a geneva convention and ban LED lighted floggers, because they're TACKY," and then someone taking what I said seriously to a local forum talking about how I want to down the free market economy. If they weren't joking, if they truly thought that anybody using a child avatar must be a criminal (or anyone particpating with a child avatar, for that matter), then you may assume there is deep seated issue they have psychologically with the presence of children in any adult oriented media.
  13. No problem. :matte-motes-big-grin: I'm flattered I could help. Shapes really are my favorite SL hobby, and I'm all too pleased to help other people get into, as well. @Czari - Oh lawdy. I feel your pain over fair skins. There really is a ridiculous bias for tanned skins, though I've sort of seen that pass away since windlight and such. Now most people just have a nice little in between with a peachy tannish shade. I have a particular favorite from Ys&Ys (the pale Virginia) that I won't wear out in public areas where lighting is sure to be craptastic. It's one of those photo-op only skins, because the delicate features simply won't display properly unless it's the right environment. Which brand of fair skin did you use?
  14. The first time I saw one on the grid I thought it was kind of cool and unique, but urgh, the ones from D!va look so MESSY. :matte-motes-frown: I don't really like them, they give off too much of an 80's / early 90's hairstyle vibe, and that's an era of hairstyles we can all steer clear of.
  15. Animation Overriders (AOs) - You can start having a more realistic avatar by having a more realistic AO. Body language conveys so much even in a digital setting, and unfortunately AOs in SL are predominately over sexualized and too active, because apparently more activity and sexuality has somehow come to equal individuality. I have yet to meet a person in real life who obsessively sways their hips left and right or stands with their butt sticking out in a cartoony street-worker-esque attitude. Any AO title that begins with the word 'sexy' is probably filled to the brim with trashy animations, and any AO that focuses on being cutesy is probably going to be so cutesy that it looks more appropriate on an ADHD teenager. Tango and Phat Azz - I'm actually pro-tango/phat azz when they're APPROPRIATELY fitted. After a certain point breast sizes and fat butts become impossible to make nicely on the current avatar model. Breasts in particular become pretty blocky and nasty looking. Make sure your body is appropriately sized to tangos/phatazz, or that they're appropiately sized down to your body. Big H cup breasts have no business being on a tiny stick body; most people who have humongous cup sizes are also significantly overweight, so keep that in mind if realism is what you're attempting to achieve. Shape Imperfections - These sliders often get no attention whatsoever, and that's a pity because they really go a long way to creating individuality: body fat, belly, saddle bags, love handles, the gravity side of the breast bouyancy slider, any slider that deals with offcentering a specific feature. (i.e. the nose. Sliding it crooked by going one or three integers to the left or right will not create a visual impact; however, it still adds that subtle something. Much like how human noses are never semetrical.) Original Shapes - Don't buy market shapes. Just don't. Take the time to learn how the sliders work with each other. Find people who have good shapes and ask them for advice on how which sliders work together to achieve whatever look you're looking for, whether it be a heart shaped face or a nice apple bottom that doesn't leave your hips looking like you're riding an invisible pony. It takes a few hours to learn, but once it's a learned skill, creating shapes can be very fun and entertaining. My favorite pasttime in Second Life is recreating shapes and finding the matching skins of my favorite TV characters, or as creepy as it sounds, recreating myself, or my friends for their own use. Skin shade - This has way more to do with realism than skin brand. There is a tendency to go with severely tanned skins in SL because certain features (breasts, booty, shiny body highlights) are easier to emphasize on a darker canvas. Pale skins can often look a little featureless when placed under incorrect lighting, and for this reason, very few people go wandering the world with appropriately caucasian shades, even if it's their original intent to have a caucasian avatar. My favorite skins came from Essences, Pink Fuel, Red Grave, and Y&Ys. Personalizing / Individuality - Pick a photo of whoever it is you're attempting to emulate, whether it be yourself or a random photo you've found on the internet--and do note, it's good practice to find in picture form what you're attempting to achieve in SL before you go messing with sliders--and focus first on getting the proportion of mouth, to nose, to eyes right in terms of size and width, and then go through them each individually using specific characteristics of each to determine how to get the closest shape. For instance. When recreating myself, the corner of my lips stop about at the where the center of my eyes are, and so I make sure I stretch my lip width to match where the mid-point of where my eyes are, no more no less. Afterward, the face shape can be adjusted to fit around these key defining characteristics. Then begin working on the body, while making note of whether the person is more triangular or oval shaped. Are their hips the same width as their shoulder, are they more top heavy, are they kinda around their arms, etc. etc. etc. Avoid becoming a Fugly - Fugs in SL are rampant, and they all follow the same trend: overly sized hips to achieve an apple bottom (hip width is the WRONG slider to do this with; apple bottoms are achieved by adjusting love handles, leg muscles, butt roundness and saddle bags), and mixing a weird blend of ethnicities to achieve the weirdest facial trend: squinty, squinty Mongolian eyes, tiny noses, thick Mexican / African lips, and NO CHINS. Fugs seem to despise chins more than ever, making their width / height so tiny that their lips are often larger. Height - Use a height meter when adjusting height. Editing - Make sure you take off automatic posing and lighting for editing shapes in Firestorm. This is done through the preferences tab. A Second Opinion - When you're shape-making, you become jaded to seeing your own shape and imperfections become less obvious. Asking a friend who walks around in a well proportioned avatar is always a good idea. Addressing forums with a picture of your avatar and asking for opinion is a good idea. Walking around in a different shape for a week or so and coming back to the one that you're tweaking is also a terrific way to spot things you need to work on. I am CONSTANTLY working on my own avatar and have been for the past two years. I still fidget with arm length, sadly, and most recently I realized that my belly button was a little further down than it should be. I had to play with torso length, hip length, and leg length until I could slide the belly button back up to a more appropriate location.
  16. Stacey Zirgar wrote: I dont know Tex, but from what I've read on other posts. He seems pretty good hearted and sincere. I don't think he was trying to be offensive. Truth. Tex is a total sweety. He didn't mean anything by saying the word, "Silly". :matte-motes-big-grin:
  17. Now, now, Tex... Some people really do have little preference for how they get involved in RP. Tastes and interests take time to develop; maybe our QueenNeon wants to sample a broad variety of subjects before settling down. What should you know? Etiquette - Etiquette is everything, and luckily it can be determined by common sense. It starts by reading sim rules THOROUGHLY and obeying them to the letter. IC and OOC - Understand the difference between IC (in character) and OOC (out of character) interaction, and keep them separated. Nobody wants to play with the jerk who can't keep them from blending. When you role play the whole spectrum of emotion can be accessed, but it's important to remember that when the scene ends, so should the emotions experienced. It's fantasy, and nothing that happens IC should oblige players to hold expectations of each other OOCly. Consent - Ensure that your play partners consent to being played with before you begin. You can assume that consent is already given if people are located in a public and accessible area, but even still it's polite to send an offline message to ask if it's welcomed for other people to join in. More importantly, when you commit an action toward another character that has the possibility of affecting them dramatically such as a physical act of violence, it's important to clear the action with them OOCly before committing the action within the scene--at least until you get acquainted with your play partner and come to understand where there limits are. Limits - Limits are what you're unwilling to scene, and it's important to know your own as well as your play partner's. Potty scenes, death scenes, extreme violence or gore of any kind, and animal play are common limits to have. Your character - Have a good idea of the character you desire to play, and if you don't, try playing around as yourself until you get the hang of putting a personality to text. Write up a notecard of your character's history, likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, and personality for yourself to keep as reference. How to get into role play? Sims - Find yourself some sims to play in game. It's easy to become involved with public RP; find people in any area within the RP sim and get to finding a way to introduce your character. Forums - You can find RP players through forums, like these. Just advertise what you're looking for. MU**s - Fun text based clients that can be rewarding to RP with. Google them up. What are the best role playing sims for beginners? Dead End Dark Alley Crack Den Wendigo Lake These places are super easy to get into, and with the exception of Wendigo Lake, heavily populated during prime hours. It's easier to RP the modern era; diving into fantasy or sci-fi can be a bit daunting if it's not your cup of tea to begin with.
  18. Yes, where are these mythical creatures? I can count off on my hand the amount of bisexual daddies I've seen in the past, and they're about as numerous as lesbian babygirls.
  19. Indeed! What are you interested in specifically? Dystopian cities, fantasy and sci-fi, or perhaps something based on your favorite book series?
  20. From which part of the world must you hail from to consider irredeemable a pretentious word?
  21. jujmental wrote: JaedenDelanaire wrote: We just became friends. blah blah blah blah © The Judge Don't care. We're friends. You've been friend-raped. Let the healing process begin.
  22. jujmental wrote: Dresden Ceriano wrote: JaedenDelanaire wrote: I don't know. Maybe I'm suffering from a save-the-damsel complex and I'm trying to shed some positive light on someone who may or may not deserve it. A few years ago, I met this guy who got super turned on by paying men to dominate him. I thought, "Why not?" and did it. He ended up paying me a total of 15,000L for one session, which I thought that was rather excessive. I just laughed it off and had fun taking my sister shopping with the proceeds. But when he IMed for another meeting, I turned him down... I just wasn't comfortable with selling myself that way. I think of it as an experiment from which I learned that my sense of self-respect is not worth any amount of money. Because of this, I personally find it difficult to think of someone being willing to give up their self-respect for financial gain in a positive light... even when they try to justify the action by not charging very much for it. ...Dres Hmmm, I think if this guy had met a certain acquaintance of mine the session would not have lasted very long, and this guy would have been broke very quickly. Of course, I'm referring to my acquaintance who believes almost everyone in the forums must be masochists, otherwise why would they persist in submitting themselves to such continuing humiliation at his hands. What he can't understand is why they complain about it. © The Judge Oh lawdy. 15k L ? Give me his name, I have a male avatar for him! And Mr. Judge, you can give me the name of this acquaintance of yours, as well. The more irrideemable he/she is, the better. Just let'em rip into me. :matte-motes-evil:
  23. But she's asking them to live with her, to share her "shelter" as she so put it? Surely that would mean she has some inclination to give them a personal space with a bit of prim count within that parcel. Lol, ugh. That scenario. If I were the slave in that scenario, the only thing that would keep me from placing that dom on block would be if he were frick'n James Deen himself. But yes, when worded exactly like that, it does sound abhorrent and redonkoulous. I don't know. Maybe I'm suffering from a save-the-damsel complex and I'm trying to shed some positive light on someone who may or may not deserve it.
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