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  1. Hi there! I want to add my web address to my land so that it appears as a hyperlink in the browser bar where the region name and coordinate points are. Does anyone know how I can do this or if it can even be done? Thanks!! Lisa
  2. Hi Lacy, That happened to me when I first started listing things for our new store. I submitted a help ticket and it just worked the next time I logged in....It didn't take long for them to fix it for me!! Hope this helps!
  3. I love my SL friends and certainly feel closer to many of them than I do my RL friends!! I have been amazed at the quality of friendships I have made here!! I love it! Message me sometime and say hello!
  4. Hi Corin!! I would love to meet you! Message me anytime!!
  5. Hi There! Welcome! I am on most days...feel free to message me anytime!
  6. Hi Dabney!! Welcome!! Great to have you here!!
  7. Hi There!! Welcome to SL!! I can help too! I am online a lot....just send me an IM and I would be happy to help!! Take Care!
  8. I think that when you say you are dating someone, that there is a mutual commitment to each other. Going out on a date might signify going out with a person....dating is when you are already in a relationship with them. A one-time thing is hooking up in my mind....
  9. Hi there! Welcome Back! I would love to hang out with you....love to shop! Next time you are online, please look me up! Hope to meet you soon! LisaMichelle1
  10. Hi there!!! I would love to meet you!! I am about as girly-girl as they get! Please look me up next time you are online...I would love to be friends! I love to shop...love shoes and my new favorite thing to do is jet skiing!! I would love to invite you over.... Please look for me online! Can't wait to meet you... LisaMichelle1
  11. Hey there! I am always up for shopping and I would love to be friends! Look me up the next time you are online!! LisaMichelle1
  12. Hey! Welcome Back! I'm happy to be friends! Look me up next time you're online! Take care and hope to see you soon! LisaMichelle1
  13. Thank you! But no....not on my friends list...don't even know him...but for some reason he decided to stalk me and won't stop sending IM's. Thank you all so much for the help!
  14. Thank you so much!!!! I was trying so hard to find this and couldn't find it anywhere!! He's all blocked now!!! Thanks for the help....;-)
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