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  1. Hey people, We are currently searching for people who are wanting to set up a business idea with me, we want to create a sim where is a Club, a beach, and rental beach-houses for the ultimate vacation feeling. We are searching for people who are wanting to join me with this idea, and split the price of the sim-costs, we are currently with 2 people, searching up to 5, costs will be arround 4750L$ a week to let the sim run. Please contact me ASAP, its a wonderfull opportunity. Grtz. Gramlinn Resident
  2. Hello everyone, i'm searching for people who are interested in hiring a homestead sim, making a wonderfull desert out of it, or something else, NO living places or houses for yourself just for other people to come there and relax, making a nice place for people. Interested? IM Gramlinn Resident in SecondLife, i'm really wondering who is wanting to do this with me. Since it's a 6999 p/week, if you can do it with a few people it's almost nothing! Thanks! Grtz, Gramlinn
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